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Real talk, I am proud to be from New Haven, CT. One of the many reasons beyond the best pizza in the world and the OG patent of the bicycle are all of the great heroes who have shaped our lives to come out of this metacomet-glacial rut; Paul “Pig Vomit” Giamatti. Ernest “Air Wolf” Borgnine. Michael “he’s the one who sucks” Bolton. But towering above them all at a mere 2 feet 8 inches… Gordon Shumway. You know him, you love him, he eats cats, ALF. While the Alien Life Form himself of course hails from the distant planet of Melmac, his creator, voice, and german knuckle cake top Paul Fusco was born right here in New Haven. But what do we do to honor his amazing work? NADA. Oh sure, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin (whatever THAT is), but did he entertain millions from 1986 through 1990 and beyond? The best thing Whitney ever said was probably “I can make just such ones if I had tools, and I could make tools if I had tools to make them with.” (wtf???), which is obvz nowhere nearly as relatable as the time that Alf said in the season two episode Movin’ Out “Why are you so intent on moving out of a house that you like, in order for you to continue to do a job you don't like?”. Think about it. For far too long we have ignored this cornerstone of our cultural heritage. I say that ends now. I have spoken to the Parks Department & other organizations who manage public land & got a quote for a life sized bronze ALF sculpture to commemorate our galactic savior. With enough public support it’s entirely feasible for us to erect it in one of our city parks, and can be manufactured for the extremely reasonable price of a cool $10,000. That’s right, only 10 g’s to honor this real G. That’s 2,000 of us donating five bucks. If 400 of us can get 5 of our friends and relatives to throw in we’d be THERE. This is an incredibly feasible dream that we can make a reality. Who’s with me on taking this to the next level, for the price of an over-priced cup of coffee? Please donate $5 & share this link!


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