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I am a British freelance journalist, writer and broadcaster.

For almost 11 years now I have been the victim of a relentless and very disturbing  campaign of stalking, harassment, defamation and malicious falsehood carried out by an ex-banker & hedge-fund manager named Oliver Kamm. The campaign began after I critically reviewed Kamm's pro Iraq-war book for the Daily Telegraph in 2005. Kamm, who has a long history of obsessive internet stalking, set out with clear malicious intent to destroy my reputation and my livelihood- by repeatedly publishing defamatory lies about me online- an endeavour in which he was assisted by mysterious aliases such as 'Philip Cross' 'George Courtenay' and 'Peter Tarlan' (see here) .

Full details of Kamm's campaign against me can be found here.

My persecutor, and his very wealthy employers, Rupert Murdoch and The Times newspaper, have relied on me not having enough funds to take the appropriate legal action. The Times- and Mr Murdoch- have ignored several very reasonable emails/letters from me about this case, asking them to rein Kamm in. Their attitude has been extraordinarly arrogant- and they- and Kamm- clearly think they're above the law.

The only way I can achieve justice and end Kamm's persecution of me is to raise enough money to enable me to properly initiate legal proceedings on a number of fronts (libel, malicious falsehood, and stalking/harassment).

I have already raised over £2,200 via an ongoing appeal on my blog and I am looking to raise a further £7,500 here so I will be able to begin the actions and see them through their first stages- with more funds needed should a long court case ensue. Please help me in my campaign to get justice and to take Oliver Kamm, the Times newspaper and Rupert Murdoch to court. All donations, large or small, are gratefully received.

UPDATE, 27th JUNE 2017: Many thanks to all who have contributed to my legal fund. It looks likely the case against my stalker/defamer and his vicariously liable employers will go to court so I am keeping my appeal going as obviously more than £10K will be needed.  All donations, large or small, are gratefully received. 

LATEST UPDATE: 4th December 2017: Oliver Kamm has now been sued for libel and harassment. My counsel has advised me not to serve the writ against his employers (which had already been lodged at the court) and instead to focus the action on Kamm. He believes this would have a number of advantages. It is advice that I have decided very reluctantly to accept- (given the arrogant way The Times -and News UK- arrogantly ignored all my very reasonable requests),- but I do not rule out Kamm's employers being brought into an action at later date if this matter is not resolved satisfactorily. We now have over £17K raised but legal costs have been high and I will be stepping up fundraising to pay for the court costs which could be considerable. All contributions, large or small, are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Many thanks again to everyone who has supported me.



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