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CAGE HOME PROJECT - Space in a place with no space
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It's time I find a way to give back, but I need your help first. If you have the time to read my peculiar story... it is below. Thank you for your time. My name is Matthew Hennebury, this is my series of both fortunate, and ...

It's time I find a way to give back, but I need your help first. If you have the time to read my peculiar story... please find it below. Thank you for your time.

My name is Matthew Hennebury, this is my series of both fortunate, and "unfortunate" events. In 2012, I left my home, my friends and family in Canada, to seek out greater knowledge, gain some worldly experience, and follow a dream. I knew the world had many stories to share, and that I would only hear those stories, by leaving my comfort zone, and going to foreign lands. I invited a friend, who I knew to be quite adventurous, and also seeking change... and he agreed to join me, just like that. We planned a date a few months down the road, I sold my belongings, packed my suitcases, said my goodbyes, and left for Hong Kong.

I lived in HK as a tourist for 18 months, leaving and returning every 3 months to renew my tourist visa, until one day, I got in the middle of something. Something, that really... shouldn't have mattered in the slightest. But, it has since altered the following 8 months of my life. To make a long story short, I deleted someone on facebook after they had made some racist remarks about someone else I knew, something I have no tolerance for. The following day, they wrote a letter to Hong Kong immigrations, telling them I was working illegally in Hong Kong. The next time I left HK and attempted to return, I was brought in for questioning. I was permitted back in, but with only 2 weeks, instead of 3 months. This continued for 3 months, until they reduced it to 10 days, 7 days, and finally 3 days.. giving me time to pack my things and leave. I have since relocated to Thailand, to work on getting a proper visa in HK so that I may return with no trouble.

During my stay in Hong Kong, and more recently Thailand, I have seen many things I never would have seen back in Canada. I've seen the richest people, and the poorest people, living almost side by side. Did you know there are people in Hong Kong, and elsewhere, that live in cages? 90cm x 180cm dog cages! Nobody should have to live in a cage, and certainly not a 60 year old man, who ended up there after a work injury and could no longer earn enough for a decent home. This brings me to the purpose of my fundraiser. 3 birds with 1 stone. Firstly, the amount I am trying to raise, will not help many people on it's own, much more will be needed.

How your donations will be used.

  • 1) A portion of the funds will go towards advertising to gain a larger audience, and seek a greater number of contributors.
  • 2) Purchase materials for building the Cage Home replacement units (Est $600.00 USD per unit (top/bottom) housing 2 people($300.00/person)), and actively participate in the transformation of these awful living conditions, focussing on an initial flat containing 4 to 8 units.  Eventually, with further funding, helping the 10s of thousands that currently live in them. 
  • 3) Purchace new bedding (simple mattress, pillows, covers) (USD $50-80/Person)
  • 4) Renovate other facilities within the apartments, such as toilet/shower area, laundry area, cooking area.
  • 5) Rent or purchase entire apartments and complete all required renovations to provide adequate living conditions for tenants, effectively taking the slum lords out of the equation.
  • 6) Build free to use learning centers, including computer stations and paid/volunteer assistants to help tenants get back on their feet by upgrading their skills, and seeking out work opportunities. 

Additionally,through my Hong Kong company, Hong Kong Party People,  we will be donating 10% off all profits towards The Better Home Project.

Closing Notes

I never understood how lucky I was to grow up where I did, and how I did, with the amazing family I have. But now that I have seen how so many others live, I am compelled to find a way to fix it. I understand that not everyone has the time to be personally involved with such endeavours, but maybe you have some resources you can donate. I, have the time, but not the resources. A successful team is made up of many different parts, doing their part.  

PLEASE Share this with your friends, family and social network.    

Thank you for your time.
Matthew Hennebury

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Every little bit helps. 8000 people donating $5 will bring us to our goal! Please share this with your network.
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Your name (if you so wish) will be included in the sponsor section of the website.
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Be on our Hand Print Wall! + Previous perk
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Once we renovate our first location, we will make a wall with all the handprints of our donors. If you live out of Hong Kong, you can make a painted hand print on paper at home, along with your signature, and email it to us, and we will transfer the image to the wall.
If you are in HK, you can come in person to put your hand on the wall. (Also includes perks from lower level)
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2 Tickets + Previous perks.
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You will received 2 tickets to gain free access to any party hosted by Hong Kong Party People (Value of 1000 HKD). (Also includes perks from lower levels)
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$1,350 USD
Create capsule name! + Previous perks
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As part of TheBetterHomeProject, those who donate $1350 US/10,000 HKD will be given the opportunity to name one of the renovated capsules that will replace the cages. You can create a name or use your own name! (no negative names will be accepted) *** (Also includes perks from lower levels)
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$2,500 USD
One of a kind custom painting by Matthew Hennebury
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Anyone donating 2500$ will receive a custom one of a kind canvas painting made Matthew Hennebury ( The painting can be any size you choose up to a maximum of 100cm x 80cm.
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$13,500 USD
Name entire shelter! + Previous perks
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Beyond our goal to replace the cage homes with higher living standard capsules, we are intent on taking over entire housing units, and renovating them with better shower facilities, cooking facilities, and laundry facilities. Additionally, with enough funding, we will also set up learning centers with computers, to help with getting people back on their feet, and able to live normal lives. For those of you who are able to to make such a donation, we will name an entire shelter in your honour. Additionally, your name, or company name will be permanently listed in the major contributors sections of the website. *** (Also includes perks from lower levels!)
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