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Rescue team Kenya was started up by Robert Ongera Ombeka. Robert once live in Mukuru slum, and in his own words, "Remembers the pain, hopelessness and inhumanity" of living there.    Children are hungry, not clothed and uneducated. Many ...

Rescue team Kenya was started up by Robert Ongera Ombeka. Robert once live in Mukuru slum, and in his own words, "Remembers the pain, hopelessness and inhumanity" of living there.  

 Children are hungry, not clothed and uneducated. Many of those who make it to school must walk barefoot through the filthy streets of Mukuru to get there.

Rescue Team Kenya has many essential projects in Mukuru to help alleviate the suffering of the children living there. With no sign of government assistance or funding in Mukuru, Rescue Team Kenya fulfill the needs of these children soley via support from the general public, people like yourself! Without donations, these children go hungry, become sick, walk barefoot in filth and all with no hope of an education

FEEDING PROGRAM: Every human being needs food to sustain him/her as abasic human needs.  Rescue Team Kenya is determined to make sure that the vulnerable population at the rural-urban slums gets food. Would you imagine that many children go to school on a hungry stomach? Is very difficult for an hungry person to understand what his taught. feeding in slums is not easy task to pursue, but on adifferent ocassions we have managed to carry out successfully with the help of our friends and supporters. During feeding programs we give children with juices,biscuits,toast breads, cakes, clean drinking water and milk something which has left apermanent mark on the hearts of the children.


Water is life! As precious as it sounds, is used as ageneral purpose either for cooking or cooking. At the slums of Njenga and Sinai in Nairobi, none has aclean water. Pipes carrying water passes below or on sewage make it unsafe for human comsumption as most of pipes leaks as they are fitted by unqualified plumbers. Many families here, dont treat water before drinking example by boiling as they fear the cost of paraffin or charcoal would be another burden for them. Because of these factors, many people especially children are prone to diseases like cholera,typhoid,amoeba. these are diseases that can be prevented if people have clean water.


Is sad that many families do share one latrines, many dont even use latrines as they disponse their wastes along the ways makes it adisaster during rainy seasons as we have bad drainage systems resulting to flooding of human wastes allover the areas which makes it unsafe for small children as many play along with it. RTK however, supporting them with safe clean water(bottled) to the best of its ability. We have also introduced another small program where we buy antibacterial soaps like Dettol and safeguard soaps, we then wash children here at the slum to reduce chances of communicable diseases among them.


Rescue Team Kenya believes that learning is important development and one of the powerful tool in breaking poverty cycle by improving the quality of life by bringing critically vulnerable children back to school. The projects are working to ensure that our children gain the knowledge and life skills which enables them to face a future of hope and purpose.


In kenya, about 1.5 million children are not in school. many are out of school because they lack the basic learning facilities like books,pens,uniforms,crayons,note books,pencils, back bags,shoes. Some are in labor working to suppliment their families with food and such. Many in slums are very vulnerable with their parents unable to support them in school as many are very poor living below the poverty lines, and just as many are orphans and abandoned.

We have been able to provide the children of Mukuru with books,pens,crayons, rucksacks school fees, uniforms basic learning supplies. At the slum, we are able to support these children with the help we get from our friends and other well wishers. $1 USD a day can support and educate a child in Mukuru.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.(Nelson Mandela)


One of the forgotten group is the teenage girls. Most girls don't go to school during Menses as they fear being laughed by their friends. The facts:

A girl is absent from school due to her periods for 4 days in 28 days each month loses 13 learning days equivalent to 2 weeks of learning in every school term.

In a year (9 months) a girl loses 39 days in which she would have in class which is equivalent to six (6) weeks of learning time. A girl in primary school between grades six (6) and eight (8) (3 years) loses 18
learning weeks out of 108 weeks according to our syllabus. 

Within the four years of a high school the same girl loses 156 learning days equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of learning in a high school.

This is a clear indication that a girl is a school dropout. So Rescue Team Kenya is committed to provide with the sanitary pads so that a girl can have freedom to learn smoothly. According to our research we found that girls/women can afford to buy these sanitary pads.

Many girls now at the slum are opting to use a well cut blankets, rags, chicken feathers. So by coming with this program we will create a very lasting solution to keep these girls at school and compete with those girls from able families.


I (John St Julien) am a UK national working in aid and development in East Africa. I manage and NGO called Village to Village. Most of my work is centred around a village in Tanzania called Uchira. Robert is just across the border from myself. Recenlty we made contact, and discussed the overwhelming need and plight of the children in Mukuru, and i decided i simply must assist him. 

This page is to assist RTK with their running costs for the projects in Mukuru slum.

I am also the chairman of a Registered UK charitable trust called Maendeleo Trust 1140669.

Any larger donations can be made to Maendeleo Trust to support RTK, that way we can claim gift aid and or tax relief. 

Feel free to contact me:


Tel:  +44(0)7858155462

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