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Dewalt Family Medical bill fundraiser.
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Where to begin, Medical bills are difficult things to cope with.  And rather than just throw up our hands and pretend that bankruptcy is the solution, we're trying to pay the bills off as best we can.  So, this little gaming marathon fundraiser...

Where to begin,

Medical bills are difficult things to cope with.  And rather than just throw up our hands and pretend that bankruptcy is the solution, we're trying to pay the bills off as best we can.  So, this little gaming marathon fundraiser.

We started off 2013 with a nice nest egg, thought we could take care of anything that the world threw at us.  Life threw a few curve-balls, it does that for everyone.   In the summer while getting some medical tests for Candy's health, we were told that due to the complexities of the medications to treat her, if we wanted another child, it would be best to bump our schedule up sooner rather than waiting later as we had planned.  (We had been planning and hoping for three kids of our own long, long before we had our first.)    By end of summer, #3, Meriwether is slated to appear May 10. (With Candy's history, and difficulties, we are expecting end of April at latest.)   Stories you hear about morning sickness have it everything from a little nausea, clear on up.  Candy has the very, very far end of that, "Hyperemesis Gravidarum"  (Yes, I know it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter. ) On top of that, she's very high risk for pre-term labor which she had with the other two.  She's on weekly injections to prevent it.  And that doesn't even add in the risk of Gestational Diabetes, which she had with our second daughter, which, even under control, still contributed to our daughter Moxie's health problems and subesquent NICU stay at birth.  So its /VERY/ important that not only do we get the tests and proper medical care to prevent problems with both Mom and Meriwether.  Which we desperately need insurance for.

Which we don't have right now.  I'm a contractor right now, waiting for the conversion-to-full paperwork to complete.  Due to complications with my employment, the cost of health insurance would have given us only enough money left over to pay for rent...  So we went without for a month, playing that very risky game.  When I got insurance, they denied covering Candy, because (at the point in time) Pregnancy, was still a pre-existing condition they denied her coverage.

Unfortunately, our luck only holds so far, and in so many ways.  Due to complications of non-stop morning sickness,  we were in the ER a total of ten times. The hospitals worked with us, we got the "Cash Up Front" rates, but that was still one hell of a hit.  Nest egg no more now... 

We're looking at the giant elephant that is bankruptcy.   And we don't want to do that.  I wasn't raised like that, I'm wanting to pay my due. So here we are.  Looking for other ways...

So the gaming marathon will be next weekend (Feb 8-9+) after my shift on Saturday.  It'll go for about 24 hours or more, more depending of course on the donations. (with a limit, I do have a prior appointment monday morning, and I need to be rested for it.)  Games will vary, but there will be plenty of opportunites to get involved and interact.  More info later!

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A Random Music CD of Awesome Thanks!
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A little thank you for contributing! Perhaps an album I enjoyed, perhaps something the forces of the universe pushed towards me and said "This, this is the album you send to that person." I have no idea what you'll get! Perhaps awesome, perhaps crap! Also a personalized, hand-written note of thanks!
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Vintage Rubik's Cube!
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A Random T-Shirt Of Thank You!
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A Random T-shirt! One of my own, or a new one I find and dedicate exclusively to you. I guarantee every single one will be unique! Shirts are Men's XL or 2XL or bigger... Smaller if you ask! You don't only get a shirt, you get a /story/ as well.
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Foxenawolf Watches "Love Never Dies" during stream
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"Love Never Dies", a 'sequel' abomnation to "Phantom of the Opera" . FoxenaWolf doubts this even exists, regrets admitting this, and has volunteered to suffer through this glorious wonder of filmography during her weekday streams. This is akin to Clark Kent having a long heart to heart chat with a bucket of Kryptonite.
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Drink Incentive Perk: For Gen!
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Drink Incentive Perk: For Ryan!
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Valentine Does Daddy's Makeup for the Stream
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