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Help save Livvy, the injured, abandoned dog!
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Help us to bring Livvy, a terribly injured, abandoned dog, all the way from Turkey to England so that she can have a safe, secure and loving home for the rest of her life! This is Olivia or Livvy for short! I found her when on holiday in Kalkan ...

Help us to bring Livvy, a terribly injured, abandoned dog, all the way from Turkey to England so that she can have a safe, secure and loving home for the rest of her life!

This is Olivia or Livvy for short! I found her when on holiday in Kalkan in Turkey in July, huddled soaked in mud in an alley between two buildings. She was skin and bone as can be seen in the picture, caked in mud, covered in thorns and tics, infested with fleas, barely able to stand and trembling with fear. I called to her and she stumbled out, but clearly could not stand properly on her back legs, or hold her own weight up properly. I picked her up and took her to our poolside, and washed the mud from her and picked as many of the thorns out of her coat and skin as I could, and got her some water and chicken breast. She gulped down the water but couldn't seem to manage the chicken. I removed as many of her tics as possible and sat cuddling her for a few hours, before I was called in for dinner. Whilst I was inside I think she was scared off by the other street dogs in the town, as although she waited outside the door for about an hour, she was gone when we came out. But by 4am she had returned and I found her hiding behind a chair by our door, waiting for us! I couldn't leave her outside, so I wrapped her in a towel and carried her inside, and bedded her down on our balcony surrounded with towels and blankets and she was out like a light. After caring for her all night, and washing her when it became clear that she had terrible diarrhoea and was distressed at messing herself and her bed, and still trying to feed her, I knew I couldn't just return her to the street. There is a charity in Kalkan, the Kalkan Association for the Protection of Street Animals ( and I went to every shop in town which displayed their poster or had a collection box until I found the ladies who ran it, and they told me where the vets clinic that helped them out was based. I wrapped Livvy (named after Olivium apartments where we were staying) in a towel as she couldn't walk, and carried her up the hill to the clinic so that she could get help. It turns out she had, the vet thinks, been hit by a car and her pelvis was broken. We think she had also been kicked in the jaw so hard that two of her teeth were knocked out and embedded in her the roof of her mouth. We think she was chewing a piece of plastic when she was kicked. That piece of plastic was punched through her jaw under the gum line and had curved up and over her teeth preventing her from being able to chew properly and as a result she was starving to death. I held her in my arms as the vet gently removed the teeth from her soft palate and also removed the piece of plastic. She sat through this patiently and was so docile and compliant, and her only reaction was to bury her head in my chest when it was done. After all that she has been through you would think she would have developed a healthy distrust of humans. But upon finding her, and at one kind word from me, she stumbled out to me, limping and wagging her tail, wanting only love and care and affection. We think she is less than one year old. She had a collar mark, and we believe that she was someone's unwanted pet, dumped on the streets with no idea how to survive there. Having taken X-rays the vet determined that her pelvis break was inoperable, and said that she would have to spend 45 days in a cage, with only limited periods of walking around to allow the break to heal over time. I visited Livvy every day for the rest of our holiday, and every time I came into the clinic and called to her she would wag her tail in recognition and want a cuddle and affection. She has already stolen my heart and I could not leave her out there to be returned to the street once healed. So Livvy will be coming to England, to Leeds, to live with me, and my three legged rescue cat Trinity in a loving and secure home where she can feel safe for the rest of her days. However the process is complex and expensive. Livvy has to be kennelled in Turkey for three months before she can come to the UK. Her vets bills must be met, and the fees required for the rabies and other inoculations she must have and the follow up tests which are required by law for her to be given an EU pet passport letting her come to her new home. She will have to either be driven by a specialist pet transport company, first to an EU country such as Bulgaria for her EU pet passport to be issued, and then on to France to catch the ferry with me to England, or she will need to fly with an appropriate carrier from Turkey to the UK (but if she flies I will need to fly to Turkey first as she has to be accompanied by her owner if coming by air). The only reason I was on the holiday in the first place was that I had been taken by my partner's family which was incredibly kind of them. I am saving every penny I can to meet the costs of Livvy's care, treatment, tests, certifications and eventual transport, but any help which anyone feels able to offer would be so, so appreciated. Saving a dog may not change the world, but it changes that dog's world forever. I have video of Livvy in the clinic for anyone who would like to see, her x-rays and some pictures of how she is looking now - so happy and healthy she looks like a different dog! Please help me to keep her that happy. Please help me to bring her home. Livvy says thank you. Any funds raised in excess of that required to achieve our goal, will be donated to the Dog's Trust in Livvy's name so that she can help other dogs.

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