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As I learn more and more about my own power, I am amazed at the things I can accomplish. Pain can be dissolved, energy be restored, toxicity can be neutralized, and DISease can be transmuted.There is beauty within the ashes.There is transformation.

 Because of years of misdiagnosis, especially from inadequate testing, it has done major damage and has become a very complex illness to treat. As many of you know, I have come to be known as "LYME WARRIOR". In my discovery, "LYME DISEASE" is an umbrella term for many things that have gone awry and it is NOT about just the spirochete. I now  call it "multi infections disease syndrome" because it is the only term that fully describes this to a T. Its progression has caused coagulated red blood cells, rouleux signs, many platelet balls, empty plasma, crystals, bacterial forms, some chrondroids, target cells, stagnant white blood cells, massive intestinal dysbiosis, fungal/bacterial/viral infections, intestinal dysbiosis, neurological problems, loss of consciousness, seizure-like activity, hyperactive sympathetic nervous system, under-active parasympathetic nervous system, collapsed immune system, auto-immune issues, endocrine complications, adrenal fatigue, diabetes insipidus centralis, neurotransmitter deficiency, detached retinas, malabsorption, leaky gut (40lbs in weight loss), food and environment intolerances/allergies, gallbladder disease (required removal), neurotoxins and endotoxins, heavy-metal toxicity, and due to my genetic missing detoxification marker, the inability to remove biological and environment toxins.

After years of traditional, conventional medicine and over two dozen different doctors, my health declined at a scary pace. Western medicine failed me as it does many in my position. I refused to be brain washed anymore so I took responsibility for myself.

As I started understanding this process more deeply, I knew I had to go deeper into myself for a full transformation to happen. The first and most important things I have learned is our healing may seem like it is going to come from some outside source, but the reality is that you are doing all the work. You can travel all over the world looking relentlessly for the answer, but the reality is it has been there all along. You can believe that this medicine or that medicine is going to cure you, but the reality is you owned the medicine since you were created. You can say this person or that person healed you, but the reality is you are healing yourself. We are inherently alchemists. Our minds and bodies were created with the intention to restore health in every way everyday. We have just forgotten who we really are. We have been told, even brain washed, that we are limited and need this or that. But the truth is and has always been, you have had it all along. It is time to plug ourselves back into who who we are, where we come from, and the TRUTH THAT WE ARE THE MIRACLE WE HAVE BEEN LONGING FOR. Sometimes we need a team to remind us this fundamental truth. Others can aid in the process but the true healing always comes from within. 

Yes, I continue to do what I need to in order to make a complete restoration of my health! When I am not resting, I am getting direct IV treatments, infusions that can last anywhere from 1-2 hours, live cells/stem cells, injections in every part of my body you can imagine, colonics, coffee enemas, detox baths, infrared saunas, ozone protocols of all kinds, H2O2 drips, electron foot baths, magnetic pulse, valkion/AMS, EWOT, Cryotherapy, sound beds, ST8, lymphatic drainage, not to mention the unspeakable amount of drops, pills, capsules, and tablets I have to take 3 times a day. All the while not giving up on my responsiblities.

This fundraiser is being continued for any of you who are able to help financially continue my treatment.Even just sharing this to spread awareness is an enormous gift.

I will continue to pay it forward by spreading awareness, uplifting, encouraging, transforming, teaching what  have learned, and of course doing what I can to make a difference in this country when it comes to any chronic illness.

I am not a victim. I am a VICTOR. I thank God everyday for the all the blessings I have been given and that certainly includes all of you along this journey with me.

With all that said, I send each and every one of you infinite gratitude, blessings of health, love, light and all the is GOoD.

There is beauty within these ashes…….

To Learn more about my journey:

My LYME WARRIOR page (please “LIKE”)

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