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Tiffany Johnson (our beloved Psychic Tiff) suffered a stroke on Friday afternoon January 18th, 2013. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where CT and MRI confirmed our worst fears; it was a massive Arterial Dissection.
Arterial dissection refers to the abnormal formation of a tear along the inside wall of an artery. As the tear becomes larger, it forms a small pouch which doctors call a “false lumen.”
Blood pools inside the wall of the artery until it begins to impede blood flow. The blood inside the false lumen can clot and extend slowly into the area where blood normally flows. This can limit or completely interrupt blood flow to a part of the brain. Small pieces from the growing blood clot can break off, flow upstream, and become trapped inside a smaller artery in the brain.
Tiffany underwent a 5 hour surgery to save her life. She was then taken to ICU where we prayed the worst might be over and recovery could begin. Within 24 hours her brain swelling became so severe a second operation was required to once again save her life. A portion of her skull had to be removed in order to make room for the brain to swell without doing further damage.
The prognosis at this point was grim, the family was told that she may not survive, but we all had hope. Tiffany just turned 40 years old is in peak physical condition, if anyone had a shot at beating this, it was her.
CT scans we're performed every 24 hours and a team of doctors, surgeons and nurses monitored her 24/7.
Tiffany was giving us small signs that she was fighting and seemed to understand what was happening. Within a few hours of her second surgery she actually gave us the "thumbs up" – our hope and optimism soared.
She spent several days in ICU hooked up to various machines and was being administered powerful medications. She was then moved to progressive care where she spent several more days under 24 hour care. She was far from out of the woods at this point but remained stable and was continuing to fight.
Tiffany stabilized enough to be moved to a standard care room where she spent several, more days. She was heavily sedated and unable to communicate, but as the fog began to lift the doctors we’re able to determine the extent of her injuries, and the news was saddening. About 2/3 of the right brain hemisphere had died due to lack of oxygen. She was paralyzed on her left side and had no feeling in or use of her left arm and left leg. Her speech was almost non existent and there appeared to be serious vision problems. We were told some of these symptoms might improve once the brain swelling stopped and began to subside.
After 6.5 days of being virtually comatose Tiffany opened her eyes and was able to mouth a few words. She still had use of her right arm and leg and was able to point out her needs and areas of pain. It was at this point we finally received some positive news, Tiffany was able to swallow. Had she lost this function her future would have taken a very different direction. We began to feed her spoonfuls of juice and her favorite, ice chips. With each passing day she was able to speak a few more words and we were thrilled to realize that she knew what month and year it was, she knew her birth date, her husbands name and more. Tiffany was still there but trapped in a body she no longer had control over. On Day 12 Tiffany was transferred to the Rehabilitation Center in the hospital where she will remain indefinitely.
Tiffany’s story remains unwritten but we believe she was chosen for a very specific reason. Many believe Tiffany is a living breathing angel of God. During her career as a Psychic, Author, Speaker and Healer she has affected thousands of people in a very positive way. She has changed lives for the better and the world is a better place because she is in it. She has brought inspiration and hope to so many but we believe her story of recovery will be the most inspiration gift of all. Tiffany will shine & sparkle once again, but the journey will be long and difficult.
Its clear Tiffany’s future is forever changed. If she is able to return home someday she will require 24/7 nursing care for several months. Her home will need to be modified to accommodate her disabilities. Special equipment, beds and safety features will be required. God willing she is able to drive a car again she will need a special vehicle with handicap capabilities. There will be countless doctor visits, ongoing physical, occupational and speech therapies along with various medications to give her the best shot at a full life. Tiffany was also self employed and will no longer be able to run her business for an indefinite amount of time.
Tiffany has got this far due to her strength and her will to survive. The overwhelming support has given Tiffany and her family optimism and strength but the journey is far from over.
Please support and donate to Tiffany's recovery.
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