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TOM COOPER has TERMINAL CANCER - Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
Please help him to fulfill his dreams and wishes on his BUCKET LIST... one of which is to RAISE AWARENESS to this very rare cancer in the UK, so PLEASE read and SHARE this as Tom was mis-diagnosed and it could save a life.....

Tom Cooper 25, Tammy Cooper (wife) 24, two daughters Tienna 5, and Ziani 2.
It all started beginning of 2011 when Tom had me out buying painkillers for him all the times he suffered with strong headaches, jaw ache and had frequent nose bleeds, all of which me and my family told him on numerous occasions to get himself to the doctors for but Tom shrugged it off and said "I'm fine". In may 2011, his neck looked very swollen and he complained of it being very painful.. We thought it was swollen glands and he still, despite being told to never went to the doctors. A short while later, lumps began to suddenly appear on his jaw line which were visible and very Painful to touch, he eventually made himself a doctors appointment in August 2011 where he was told he had infection and was prescribed anti-biotics and had his bloods taken. The doctor made him another appointment for two days later to see the medication was working and the swelling in his neck had gone down, but nothing changed and he referred Tom to a consultant. In the meantime, Tom was working as a maintenance repairs technician for a housing company where he often came home from feeling light, dizzy and very tired but he has asthma and put it down to that. A work colleague had picked up on the fact he was always taking pain killers and noticed the neck swelling and said waiting around is ridiculous you NEED to be seen, so he took him to the hospital during work hours, after hours of waiting, he was again told "it's nothing sinister, wait for your referral to come through the post". When we finally went to see the consultant, he examined Tom and told us "I'm sorry it is something serious and you will need to have a biopsy". We were gutted, just didn't know what to think and the waiting around not knowing was the worst feeling ever, we would sit and google his symptoms and pains and the Internet came up with alsorts of scary answers, we were worried sick. Biopsy day, procedure was done on Toms neck and the consultant told us on taking a node away that it was a white cancerous cell, at this point we didn't know what to say or think, and then appointments came through the post for CT scan and MRI scan. We had to wait a couple of weeks for the results of the biopsy and scans. The day came, 15/10/11 where we went to see a new consultant who broke the devastating news to us that it was cancer... Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (behind the nose) was the primary cancer but it was already in the advanced stages and had spread to his neck, collar bone, lymph nodes under both arms and his lungs and they said it was possible he had already had it at least two years and it could not be cured. I should've been strong for Tom and held it together but I just couldn't, I broke down in floods of tears and I just couldn't help it. Tom seemed ok, but surely deep down he wasn't, he just kept saying to me "it's fine Tammy, everything will be ok". Alsorts of thoughts, feelings and emotions were running round my head, "why us" I thought to myself, "what about our two little girls, it's just not fair".
Hospital appointments were on-going and Chemotherapy treatment was decided for Tom.
November 2011 and Tom started gruelling chemotherapy treatment, he managed two cycles (each cycle lasting 3 weeks) and he caught a rare infection called PVL (staphylococcus) which I had to rush him to hospital with a temperature of 41, he was non stop vomiting, weak, could barely walk, open his eyes etc, it was the scariest time and hardest thing to see him go through. He had to have an emergency operation and was touch and go and I just prayed that he would come bouncing back, make a speedy recovery and be out in no time. He was in hospital for Christmas December 2011 and I had to take our girls and all theirs and his presents to hospital Christmas Day, our Christmas we had looked very much forward to after all the bad news, although we spent it together it wasnt how we had expected, it was ruined, it just wasn't the same and we were all devastated by it.

Tom recovered all that and a few weeks later I started with symptoms same as Toms... Boil type spots on the body that were huge, red, inflamed and extremely sore, the girls then got it, we all caught it and had to be treated. A special bath wash used for 5 days and a cream to go up our noses to be used 3 times a day, 5 days were prescribed to us and our bath towels had to be separate and washed daily as well as all bedding, it was a nightmare!
It was then decided that Tom wouldn't have anymore treatment then, he had to build his immune back up and get stronger and was told to "go and enjoy quality family time together" and so we did just that. And to come back when the lumps started to re-appear and cause pain again.
Around summer time 2012 Tom started with a new lump and excruciating pains so went back to the hospital, scans then revealed the cancer spread further to the chest and chemotherapy started again september 2012.

Here you can follow Toms Cancer Journey...

TOMS BUCKET LIST..!/note.php?note_id=554928211187038&__user=100001876471871

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