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Help Rachel Stafford Beat Cancer - Round 2
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Let me introduce you to our friend Rachel (nee Stafford) Wilson – an indomitable warrior. First off, she is a newlywed of just under three weeks. Together with her husband Corey, who has been her solid rock throughout, they are the proud, devoted parents of two beautiful, happy, healthy and energetic boys aged 4 ½ and 2. Rachel also happens to be going through cancer treatments for the second time in just under six months so this is a dire situation. There is no third chance to beat this – time is crucial. Her cervical cancer that was diagnosed in early January was treated with 8 intensive weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. The good news is that the combo chemo/radiation treatment removed the tumour and the cancer in that area. The bad news is that additional cancer appeared in a lymph node located just 1 cm away from the original area. All this news came just days before she and Corey were to be wed in Tofino. The day after their return from their wedding, Rachel and Corey were sitting down with their cancer team to discuss options for this second episode of cancer. After much discussion, a second opinion and some serious reflection, Rachel has chosen to endure once again the agonizing, energy draining, soul sucking option of radiation treatment to kill the remaining cancer. Her first (more accurately, 31st) treatment will begin Friday, July 13th and will run for another 30 treatments five days a week. These second rounds of treatment will most likely end the beginning of Sept – just as her eldest son begins his first day of Kindergarten.
Rachel is so many things to so many people: a silly, loving, positive and nurturing mommy, a devoted and loving wife, a supportive daughter, a proud sister, a professional and respected employee, and a considerate, fun loving and constant friend. She is also the most positive person I have ever met with the biggest “Can Do” attitude to get things done. She makes things happen and never complains. She is the embodiment of hope and happy endings and we need to give her one NOW. Rachel is just 42 and finds herself in the most joyful, happy and exciting time of her life both personally and professionally. In her words, this cancer is a nuisance and really gets in the way of everything she wants to get done and achieve. She is a hard-working person who takes her responsibilities seriously and first time around she maintained her busy life: going to work every day, drop offs and pick-ups from daycare with the help and of Corey, all the while enduring treatments daily during her lunch then returning to work. But this time around, Rachel is well aware that she can’t be Super Woman and conquer cancer again. She needs to get rid of this cancer and this treatment has a 50% rate of success.
Rachel describes radiation like this: “Radiation kills not only the cancer cells but healthy cells around the area so the body uses a lot of energy to heal during the therapy and for a few weeks afterwards. Side effects include nausea, diarrhea, lack of appetite, fatigue and weight loss. Stress is a major contributor to the fatigue. A second round of radiation in the same area can worsen the side effects. Some days I felt so weak I could barely function. One of the biggest challenges for me on a daily basis was getting the boys dressed, fed and ready for daycare and getting myself ready for work. I really tried to work as much as possible as I had just started a new job and was worried about losing it as well as for financial reasons (work does not provide any disability insurance). Overall, it was very hard to concentrate and complete tasks, and the stress of trying to “do it all” and meet deadlines definitely took a big toll on me. My boss was great through it all but I never let on how difficult it was for me. I didn’t want to ask for any more help. Having the ability to take a break from work, perhaps have a mother’s helper to help lighten the load and provide a level of normalcy for my boys, would be huge. “
Please help us in trying to reduce the Wilson family’s financial stress in the coming weeks/months. Prior to this shocking first diagnosis, the family was just getting out of two years of financial hardship and gaining security. Rachel landed a great new job and Corey received a promotion. We want to raise $5,000 to allow Rachel the necessary time to get through treatment and not have to work and care for her two sons. This assistance would allow Corey to continue to work and contribute to the household finances while she focuses on getting herself to treatments and getting rest and reducing the psychological stress that gets in the way of healing and fighting off cancer. The funds received would greatly enhance the comfort and healing process that Rachel needs to kick cancer indefinitely. This point bears repeating – there is no third opportunity for treatment. Whether you are able to give $5 or $500, every little contribution will help and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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