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Viking Alumni, how many times did you walk by these murals and wonder what they meant? Who created them? Why Princeton was the school to possess them? If you were like me, I did this on a regular basis. I thought they were colorful, wild, and thought provoking. In case you aren’t aware of their history, I want you to know it now, so you can understand the gift that was given to the class of 1958 when they were created, the gift that we were given on a daily basis to view them and learn from them and the gift that Carl Zimmerman, a famous Cincinnati artist, intended to be passed on for all generations of Vikings to come.

In an interview in 1981, when asked the meaning of the murals Zimmerman stated, “The mural depicts man and the alphabet. All man’s knowledge, ideas and dreams are expressed through words, which are but infinite combinations of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The overall theme of the mural is to depict man’s use of these words at the different age levels of his life. With the alphabet we have built a storehouse, ever full, holding in trust all the dreams of man, sheltering his hopes and wisdom, recording his trials, failures and accomplishments. Wisdom is the reward for man’s pursuit of knowledge.”

He affixed the murals to the walls of the library because he believed it to be the cultural heart of the school. We were the lucky ones indeed, because our high school was always progressive in their approach to learning and Princeton decided upon its inception to make the arts one of the cornerstones of her being. These murals stand as a touchstone, a remembrance if you will, that the education that you have garnered from our alma mater and all levels beyond has served as a beacon to guide you thus far and will continue to propel you through all the stages of your life. We were afforded this incredible piece of art that was in it’s true essence a challenge to all of us to recognize and hold in the highest esteem one of life’s greatest gifts…. our education! PLEASE help me save these murals, for they are of vast importance to our history, to those Vikings who currently inhabit our beloved school, and for the generations of Vikings to come. If a large amount of money is not raised by mid-March, they will be forever lost to us. If you have any questions, please inbox me. All donations go through the Princeton Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, therefore making your donation tax deductible. Click on the link below to SAVE OUR MURALS!!!


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