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Elsa and Sawyer Elsa and Sawyer, both 9 + years old, are in need of financial help. Tucson Cold Wet Noses pulled them from the Pinal County Shelter on 10/24/14, just hours before Elsa was scheduled to be euthanized due to age and body condition. ...

Elsa and Sawyer

Elsa and Sawyer, both 9 + years old, are in need of financial help. Tucson Cold Wet Noses pulled them from the Pinal County Shelter on 10/24/14, just hours before Elsa was scheduled to be euthanized due to age and body condition. TCWN also pulled Sawyer, her brother, knowing that it was only a matter of time before he would suffer the same fate. They are now safely living in a "Forever Fosters" home, which takes in dogs that due to either age or disabilities are not adoptable and just need a warn, soft bed, love and some special care for their remaining days.

Both dogs are loving and happy, but need immediate medical attention and grooming. Elsa, a Rough Coat Collie, was covered in mats, large, bald spots and smelled of urine. As soon as Elsa arrived to her new home, she spent an hour being bathed and having most of her mats gently removed. She also had her very long nails trimmed, at least the ones that weren't broken off. As a result, poor, sweet Elsa is now virtually bald from the neck back with red, irritated skin. It is clear that she lived outside her entire life and never felt the nurturing of simply having a brush pulled through her thick, soft coat.

Another clue that her previous owner never allowed inside is that she spent the first night in her new home out in the cold lying on a thin rug on concrete. Nothing could convince her to stay inside her new home. Elsa would stand outside looking in the opened door and would not go in unless her new mother lead her in. Then she would walk around a minute and head out again. Her mom didn't push the issue knowing that new dogs need to decompress from the noisy, confusing shelter life. The door was left open the entire night for her, but to no avail.

The funds raised for Elsa will be used toward much needed vetting and professional grooming. She needs to be spayed, which due to her age, will require blood testing prior to surgery. Her bloated stomach indicates she might need worming, and due to her length and large stomach, she has a slight sway back, walks with an arthritic stride and couldn't jump into the car on her own indicating the vet will need to recommend a long term treatment plan for her joints.

Despite being mostly bald now, Elsa is the happiest and friendliest dog to be brought into her new home. She meets her new brothers and sisters w/ a happy sniff, a happy tail and gives the impression she wants to play in spite of fighting stiff joints

Sawyer, a Border Collie mix, smelled ghastly of manure???, had some matting in his hind feathers, was stiff and weak enough that he had to be lifted into the car and was nervously barky on his ride home. Once home, he too received a bath w/ an odor eliminating shampoo....twice on his body and three times on his tail feathers. His new mother was concerned he might be difficult about bathing, but he laid down in the shower and dangled his head over the front lip of the shower floor, enjoying the attention and warm water.

Unlike Elsa, he was not shy about being inside, but did chose to lie in secluded areas by himself, a bit of a loner. Because he keeps to himself, he has had no problems w/ the resident dogs, despite being in tact. After a first good night's sleep, he showed to be naturally reserved, but gave his new mom tail wags when she bent down to call him over for petting, and when not napping, would follow her everywhere. Also, typical of newly introduced dogs, he wouldn't eat the first 24 hrs. (Elsa was eating the first meal, as soon as the bowl hit the floor!)

Sawyer's funds will go toward grooming and vetting also. He didn't have the patience for having his mats cut out or his nails trimmed by his new mom. He will also need to be neutered. He appears to be a crypt orchid, making it more expensive than a standard neuter, and the price will be directly proportional to how difficult it will be finding the second testicle. Also, like Elsa, his advanced age dictates additional blood work prior to surgery.

He and Elsa are the sweetest, kindest dogs, and their new mom is so grateful to TCWN for stopping their gentle souls from being cut short. If you would like to financially help these two get the care they need to spend their graciously extended, retirement years as healthy and happy, please make your donation today. Every little bit will help....thank you for your support!

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