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My name is Dr. Baz Moreno. I live in Mexico City where I wish to build a detoxification center. It will be very simple. More importantly, it will be an effective economy/eco-friendly center for persons unable to find relief with conventional medical ...

My name is Baz Moreno. I earned both professional and doctorate degrees in holistic health in the U.S. I, now, live in Mexico City where I wish to build a detoxification center. It will be very simple. More importantly, it will be economy and eco-friendly for persons unable to find relief with conventional medical procedures. The center will be an extension of my current clinic which is located in San Miguel Topilejo; Tlalpan which is 50 minutes from the center of Mexico City and 45 minutes from Cuernavaca.

Surprisingly, 17 million people die of parasitic and infectious diseases annually. And easily, 8 million people die of cancer each year. These deaths and the cost of treatments can and should be minimized. And this is why I am asking you to join with me in funding this particular detox center for people suffering from cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Two years ago, when I arrived in Mexico City for the purpose of improving my medical knowledge and perspective, I received a number of patients suffering from cancer and AIDS. I took the cases that others were afraid of. I spoke very little Spanish, I lacked confidence and I had not had the time to establish a reputation in Mexico. Time and failure have sharpened me.

However, my reputation slowly began to grow as I gained courage. I received patient referrals from students, clients and even people that had only heard talk of me. I learned to focus my efforts and thus, specialized in cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and colon issues. I was very afraid at some points along my journey. 

I studied each and every case thoroughly, but my findings were often inconclusive. After some praise and criticism, I began to question my methods. I felt empty; something was missing. And as much as I valued my education and experiences, they were truthfully incomplete.

After embracing and combining African and Mexican ethnomedicine with my previous indoctrination via the United States, I removed doubts that had prevented me from using  proven therapies and sagacious logic that actually assisted the body in healing. 

Learning the customs, traditions, diet and needs of MesoAmericans has been a task for me. Nonetheless, I have learned much from those whom would see me improve and/or trust my potential. Today, my intentions and efforts are strong and sincere.

So, I humbly urge you to assist me in making the lives of persons in hope of healthier and cleaner lives a reality.

With your financial gifts, I will be able to obtain the proper facility and equipment. In addition, this will allow me to offer affordable healthcare, workshops, and even train and employ interested persons in a country with a low, but stable economy, and the potential for a promising future.

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