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Addy was a bright , loving 8 year old who loved life and everyone in it. Always happy and with a smile on her face even through all she endured. She was the bravest, stongest girl you would have ever met. Her smile lit up not just the room, but ...

My husband & I are starting a fundrazr for his brother & his wife. They lost their little girl on February 24, 2013. The loss still weighs heavy on our hearts. We want to raise money for them, so that they can pay off some of their medical bills. They have over $100,00 in medical bills. Anything helps. We ask that if you can't make a big donation, at least donate $1. $1 can make suh a difference.

Read Addison's story.

Addison (Addy) Cook was the second oldest out of four little girls. She was born 9 weeks early and she was so eager to get here. She had to stay ih NICU for 3 weeks. Addy was a fighter from the day she was born; She let nothing hold her back. After being home for a few days, her mother and father had to rush her back to the hospital due to some apnea episodes and not being able to keep her body temperature up.

During the next few months, Addy was treated several times for apnea. On one of her visits she caught viral meningitis. She was then transferred to the closest children's hospital. She became very sick, very fast. She spent her first Christmas in the PICU because of a severe lung infection. Addy was at the children's hospital for 3 months. She had several lung infections and a tiny whole in her heart which caused a blod clot to pass through and she suffered a stroke.

Addy had some developmental delays but she got OT, PT and speech and began to blossom. She was so proud of herself when she finally walked at 22 months. Addy was a tiptoe walker from the start, and she never just walked. She danced everywhere instead of walking,.

Addison loved school. Addy completed two years of kindergarten and during that time her mother and father started to notice some things... She started to stare off into the distance and having severe, not your normal meltdowns. 

Addy's first big seizure lasted 15 minutes.

During the next 4 years, Addy's seizures became progressively worse. She went from having one type of seizure to 5 different kinds, from 2 pills a day to 25. Again during all of this even the lengthy hospital stays, Addy continued to have a smile, she would sing Justin Bieber for all the nurses and dance down the hospital hallways even after a day full of seizures..

   On February 24th 2013 Addy and her family walked into church. Addy of course was dancing in and waving to everyone. She went to her Sunday school class and her parents went to theirs. After about 15 minutes someone ran into the room, Addy had fallen out of her chair. 

When they got to her, Addy started to go into a seizure. They had a PA that attended the church and several EMTs one of which was her Godfather. Addy was transported to the er by ambulance. She had 5 seizures on the way, and once they got to the er, they got her stabilized. 

Addy had done this several times, she would have several seizures then stabilize and they would be able to take her home after a period of waiting to make sure she did not have anymore.  Her family got to take Addy home that late afternoon. She was very tired and out of it due to all the meds but they had seen all this before. 

After being home for 45 minutes Addy went into another seizure, it was quite severe and she had bitten her tongue. First responders arrived then EMTs. Her mother was allowed to ride in the ambulance but had to sit in the front. Before they got out of the driveway cpr was started.

When she arrived at the er she was whisked away. The nurse who had Addy earlier that day came to the waiting room, she had tears rolling down her face. Her mother began to yell and scream. She knew then that her precious girl was gone. When her family got to the room, they were still doing CPR, it had been 45 minutes.

Addy passed away that night. 

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