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Jonathan's Journey
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This donation page has been created to help raise funds for Jonathan on his journey to beat his very rare sarcoma cancer called Chordoma

       Jonathan and the beach

This donation page has been created to help raise funds for Jonathan on his journey to beat his very rare sarcoma cancer called Chordoma- a rare slow-growing neoplasm thought to arise from cellular remnants of the notochord and we need your help.

To all of our supporters,

some that may already know and to those that have not yet read the story of Jonathan's Journey if you are not familiar with this story continue to read and I will explain it all.

it all started out at the beginning of the year when he had noticably more symptoms: Breathing super hard, trouble breathing in his sleep [he would stop breathing not only in his sleep but while he was awake], he would fall asleep while driving, Having trouble swallowing and pain on and around his shoulder blades.

May 13'- on memorial day the family had a little meeting with jonathan stating their concerns and how they feel about what they observed as far as jonathans current health.  That same night jonathan told me [his wife] that he was scared and that he wanted to go to the E.R, we went as usual they took a CT of his head and neck they sent him home saying that it was just Chronic sinisitus, Sleep apnea and over-weight.

THE NEXT DAY: We recived a call from his PC DR. the hospital had called about the CT and they said they might of seen something on his brainstem she wanted a stat CT and panel of blood work done right away he went and got that done. as she read the results while he was waiting she told him that he needed to get himself to the hospital and be admitted.

May-July: Jonathan was admitted into christ, they did countless test and blood work, they went in for a biopsy of this tumor that was laying on his brainstem down into his throat and because he could not be intubated they had to place a trachea [not his favorite thing]. when they got the results back it was confirmed that It was chordoma and the Dr.'s at Christ told us they were not able to perform the surgery from there we went to U of C and we had a team of Dr.s that made us feel great and they treated Jonathan with the care he deserved.  they went in for his first surgery and they fused his spin from C1-C2 because Henry had taken over and ate at his bone. Surgery #2 was when they went in from the back of his neck region and tried to take out what they could. Since then he had to go to inpatient rehab and then graduated to outpatient a few months had pasted and we noticed that some of his syptoms started to come back.

October-November: We were in the process of starting PBR when the Dr. alerted us that he suggests we go back in for another surgery to try and take more of the tumor off, we didn't know that Henry had come back until they had taken the MRI and it showed that it had got bigger and extended down to his C6 now. Dr. Ghandi refered us to many DR.'s and John's Hopkins called us and started the process of having us come out here for a next part of his journey.

         Henry Part 2

Dec 5- Today: Jonathan had to leave Dec. 5 to start the process of being admitted, pre-op work Ect, on Dec. 11 he was admitted and taken for his first surgery they had to refuse his spin from his C1-C6 vertabrae, he is in a lot of pain but DR. Wolinsky is a great surgeon and he is  taking care of jonathan  very well. On Dec. 27 is the day that he is going to go in for surgery #2 when they go in from the front and we hope they take out all of this dreadful tumor [Henry].

                                         After Part 1 on Dec. 11

Dec. 27th-January 9, 2014: The surgery went well, the Dr.'s feel very happy on what they took out, they said that they got it all, but there are some microscopic remanents left. I will post a photo of him when he ok's one, he had to have his face cut from his lower lip down his chin for the procedure, he is healing well, he is in good spirits and we just got word today that he may be released soon, but after his release he would have to stay in baltimore for at least a week for a appointment with Dr. Wolinsky.

--There has been so much that we have learned these past months, 1. is that God is good, and he has always been good to us, at the Beginning I would question "why us?" he is so young and we are just about to start our lives together. 2. we learned not to question God, he has his reason's why he puts his children through trial's, and I know deep down that Jonthan's testimony will be amazing. God is Good, he is so Good that he will put his children in a situation and help them over come it, you just have to Believe with all your heart and soul. 3. Not to feel sorry for yourself, God doesn't want us to dwell on what is going on but to prosper in the end.

This is were your support comes in: Since may Jonathan has not been able to work and his health insurance turned into cobra which is pricey, we need help with travel and general expenses and medical bills, each dollar that is donated goes straight to Jonathan's fund. any donations size is accepted big or small. WE EVEN LOVE PRAYERS SO PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY. you can donate to his fund through this page or follow the link below to the facebook page and leave us a message so that we can give you other options for your donation.

For the latest updates his family has set up a Facebook group in order to provide updates and support for Jonathan and his family through this journey. You can join this, by following this link:


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