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Rescuer in Need after Head on Car wreck
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Update for all of you:
This is LeA I am Amy's daughter Mom is not going to be able to post for little while- But I promised I would share all her tags and post. Please be patient with her and understanding while she tries to recover.
Please understand that this is hard time for us and her especially.
~~~At 4:30 P.M. on 5/21 my mother, Amy and I were involved in a head on collision. Life fight and EMT's arrived on scene. My mother took the majority of the impact as she turned to avoid being hit. She is in bad shape and prayers are needed. My mother is my best-friend and the sole reason that I am alive. Her actions saved me from what more than likely would have been fatal. We ask for everyone's
understanding and patience as our family deals with this terrible ordeal. I need to focus on our rescue and my mother. Her phone was destroyed in the crash, so please be patient in any messages to mom.
mom worked so hard to get a vehicle no one will ever understand how she works. Up at 430 a.m. Every morning in bed at 2-3 saves every dog she can. Working jobs onside to pay for complete strangers food or helping a homeless person. My mom is so selfless she never does for her always others. Mom was worried about me the dog the person who hit us. While covered in blood she yelled no take care of the others while passing out in the road. She spared our life by her reaction. Kim mom said and finally cried omg how will I care for dogs and people in need now. That's my mom. No one will match her courage ad strength. If anyone can help her and our rescue please consider we have dogs with needs. Now no transport at all. None. And mom needs those that call her friend. Please donations can be sent via paypal:
I am asking as not only her daughter but her support and friend and as someone that admires her please keep her in your prayers and show your support to one of the most amazing woman on earth.
Mom has a few injuries yet demanded to come home always worrying about others than herself this is just my mom so please know that she is who she is and will always be this way so telling her like a child care for yourself is not going to work... we have learned this.
Mom needs support and your kind words.
If anyone would like to send her a card you can mail it to : Amy Verder or Let Them Live Rescue PO BOX 455 Taylorsville, KY 40071
If anyone can help with any size donation or even send dog food please do mom is tirelessly working for the better of not only the animals but man kind as well.
Mom injuries are fractured right knee and torn ligs, muscle, as well as serious sprained ankle and on left leg fractured ankle and broken crushed toes. bruises head to toe, broken nose/cheek swollen hand and severe cervical strain wipe lash bruised and concussion there are a few other things I just can not remember at the moment it all.
Okay so I will try to keep all updated as we go on. Support and prayers appreciated please know that my mom loves you all and she can use the support prayers and all the help you can send.
We have much needs in this rescue and this is a huge set back for us. My Mom is one of the most loyal and supportive woman I have known. Never have I know another human with the compassion the determination and the will power to do for others. My mom is a hero to me and so many others.
I am asking you to do anything you can to rally to support her she is going to need that and without her many will die.
We were on our way to rush a puppy dumped to the vet for immediate medical care when we were hit head on. Because of my moms fast action we did not die. I have never been so fearful and terrified but while bleeding and clearly broken ankle crushed foot and toes she never worried or shed a tear when she was bleeding and body so bad. She only cared to get me to come to as I had been knocked unconscious in the impact. She was pinned inside the truck that was hit head on and sent spinning and into a tree in the rear end in a ditch, The truck was on fire and all she kept screaming was for me to get out and get the puppy and not to worry about her.. She is selfless at every moment in her house. Anyone that knew my mom would know this about her. If you knew mom you would know that she is the heart of God.
I am personally pleading for your support. Mom worked so hard getting a vehicle and now it is gone. She worked every job she could on the side and never complained for she said she had to take care of these lives that the rest walked by and left. working three or four jobs doing rescue full time and still finding time to be full time Volunteer ACO and still volunteering at area shelters. There will be much loss with out her in this world of rescue.
I know that this site takes % of each donation so I am offering a Paypal address as well to send donation to if you would prefer.
We have vet bills and needs of dog food cat food as well.
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