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Raven is the sweetest little black and white kitten with deep blue/green eyes that you have ever seen. Raven's loving and great personality wins over anyone who meets her. She has over 3450 loving Raven's Angels on her FaceBook page called "A Future ...
Raven is the sweetest little black and white kitten with deep blue/green eyes that you have ever seen. Raven's loving and great personality wins over anyone who meets her. She has over 3450 loving Raven's Angels on her FaceBook page called "A Future For Raven". She has been interviewed by the local TV station and had a feature newspaper article written about her.
Raven was born on 3/14/13 deaf and with vision issues and has a rare condition where her two front legs are shorter than normal cats. Her front paws are what are considered "mitt" paws or abnormally large and her right paw is turned inwards. Her hind legs were twisted for the first few weeks of her life. Her left hind leg was twisted completely around to where her paw was facing in the opposite direction with severe clubbed feet on her back paws which made it nearly difficult for her to sit for long periods of time before she fell over from lack of upper body strength and it was even harder for her to walk. Raven is now improving after early intervention and splints until she was 7 wks old. She can now walk and even run with a bunny hop for a minute or two but it really takes a lot out of her. Raven was rejected by her mother at 4 wks old and so her immune system is compromised by not getting enough of the milk that she needed to make her as strong as her sisters and brothers. In fact, she weighs 1/2 of what they do and at times she will stop eating her dry food and revert back to formula and baby food mixture. After becoming very ill several weeks ago and almost losing her, the Dr and I decided to add FortiFlora to her daily diet to strengthen her immune system and stomach. But to this day as Raven is getting older she is still lagging in some developmental areas.
Raven has a regular Dr. now and has been diagnosed with the following:
-Angular Limb Deformities in both hind legs.
- Mild Valgus at R carpus
-Severe Varas At Metatarsophangeal joint and
at tarsal joint
-Walks on Lateral Surface of
distal Metatarsal 5 w/Toes
Curled Mediocaudally
-RR Club Foot
-Visual Challenges but will have to be older to test
-Deaf but will have to be older to test for complete diagnoses
-Shortened front legs
-With one paw that points outwards in front.
-Nerve Damage
As of right now Raven sees two different Drs. She is seen at Banfield Animal Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX and under the care of their drs on staff for her all of her treatments and care except for her Laser Treatment. Raven is using Laser Treatment to rebuild her muscle damage and nerve damage. This could actually take away the pain that she endures each day and could possibly keep her from having surgery when she is fully grown. It is not a guarantee but it is something that we are pursuing because it is her best chance to get off of all painkillers and anti inflammatory medications. Plus, she will be pain free. At this time we have only just started and have no idea how many treatments it will take and how long we will have to do the treatments. The Laser Treatments are given by the Drs at VCA Oso Creek Animal Hospital and Emergency Care in Corpus Christi, TX. The treatments are 6 for $100 but that does not include the office visit. We will start out at 3 times a week and as time goes on Raven will be treated as necessary for pain. At this time because she is so young, we do not know how long this will take. But this could totally erase any need for future surgery and that is more important to our family than anything else. The Laser Treatments are safe and noninvasive unlike surgery where she could end up losing her leg if things go wrong or worse.
Raven will need to see her regular Dr. on a bi-weekly bases for her preventative care and to see how she is progressing as she grows. She is also evaluated to see if she needs more medications. At this time she is on 3 different medications. I give Raven her home therapy to help build up her bone density and rebuild her muscles. Raven will also need monthly x-rays to chart the growth and development just in case she she will need surgery in the future IF Raven needs therapy and corrective surgeries. She will refereed to San Antonio, TX to see her specialists when that time comes and her surgery will most likely be done at the South Texas Veterinarian Specialist who only take patients in our region by referral for best approach for surgery but we are trying to avoid that at all costs!

We are doing everything that we can and it breaks our hearts to ask for outside help. We are just so grateful that there are so many loving people who we call Raven's Angels on her Facebook page A Future For Raven: A Kitten Born With Disabilities-her whole story is posted there and we make daily posts and pictures of her progress. Plus, pictures from the very beginning and update videos on Ravens progress as she gets older.
A Future For Raven: A Kitten Born With Rare Disabilities
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