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OK Heroes, it's time. I've been trying to GIVE you Kung Flow since 2010. And I have been actively sabotaged by Darthside power players the whole time. They actually wiped out my entire life, scared off my friends, and threatened away my potential business partners.

It's been over a decade of dodging death threats and actual physical assault attempts. I used to make $150 an hour as a trauma counselor. I made up to $2000 a a show as FireSword performer.

Now I'm isolating way out in the high desert, dirt poor, due to safety requirements.

Why? Because Kung FLow will show you how to unlock the Operating System of your brain. 

Quite simply because Kung Flow will massively power up your entire life. It's a Bo staff, LightSword and Lightsaber spinning fitness program. It's all the benefits of free weights, but bc we use the Staff or Lightsword it's super fun. That means you'll get in a high quality core workout often.

But what it really does is show you how to manually engage the power of your subconscious mind as secondary drive that exponentially amplifies your ability to rapidly master new skills.

This a major game changer for you, because according to science, your brain is already well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer.  

And your brain does have an Operating System. Has to. Otherwise it wouldn't operate.

And you can upgrade it. That process is fun and easy and you get kickass Bo staff and Lightsaber skills in the process.

True story. You're that good. Kung Flow will give you a super fun way to learn how to put that vast power into play. You can learn more about how this works at

But for now, know that Kung Flow has been used to help countless dual-diagnosis clinical clients overcome crippling addictions, power through PTSD. Purely through the power of the mind.

You are so much stronger than you know. I can help you build your body up, unlock amazing new abilities, and power up your entire life.

Been trying to give you all that since about 2008.

Professional Teams of trolls and Ops have been smearing and sabotaging me online and destroying my business and personal life because I actually can help you level up to the point where you no longer need expensive drugs to solve health issues.

I've got the world's most exciting Flow focused LightSword ready to rock and I can't even give it away in my major markets without being attacked. (I tried.) 

They've got me pinned out here alone on Tattoine. I'm chafing at not being able to help hurting people feel better. And I'm really good at that. So I'm making a move. 

That's why I am asking for your support. Help me stabilize in a safer place and I will give you a fun new TV show that offers you a wealth of next level info that will make your entire life better. 

I saw this crash coming in 2008, and have spent pretty much every day since then building programs designed to us power though this. They work. Well.

What I'm bringing is good enough that they tried to take me out. Almost died several times over the last decade.
But stubborn is a superpower. I'm good to go. Ready to rock right now. I just need to stabilize.

There are solutions ready to rock. Please help me get to a place where I can produce them. I want to keep Kung Flow available for free, because I know the people who need it most can't afford it.

With your support, I'll be able to keep it free. 

And I'll make it all super fun. :)

Imagine a hybrid of DeadPool and Hermione Granger. :) That's me.

Thank you so much for your help. It will be worth it. 


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