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I need help to put a down payment on a vehicle so I can move in the next weeks to the rural locations where dogs are allowed , I cant get to these places without a car without your help I WILL LOSE MY DOGS . THIS CAR WILL GET ME TO HOUSING AND WORK

As of today I am now facing  of homelessness with my beloved 2 service dogs , and in only 5 more days because I  Lost the last  battle against Landlord and have 5 days to get my stuff out  and no car in rural town ,

 Please know that everything in this story is TRUE AND documented and easily verified , and I am happy to offer proof on request as well as proof that this money is being used for the purchase of a decent but affordabke car valued at under 5500 , I can manage payments on my own but with this recent crisis over my housing I must use what funds I have to move and the only places where I can have my dogs are so isolated or dfar from bus service it would be inpossible to survive with out a decent reliable car , I have one picked out and its nothing expensive or fancy but low miles safe to drive with warranty and affordable payments . I can get  the financing on my own I just need the 800 to1000 down , Then I can get back to work making a real living again and not lose my dogs in the process


A brief background of how I got here, AND  why I need this help 

I have been relocated to this town  in the Sonora calif. area from my hometown of more than 30 years on the coast after fleeing for safety from years of abuse , I left with literally nothing but a back pack with my hard drives and cell phone on crutches for a broken leg and one of my 2 companion/service dogs , the other my abuser would not allow me to take ,  Turns out that My abuser had stomach cancer and in an efforrt to TAKE ME WITH HIM , and knowing I would do anything to get my service dog back  , He made a last ditch effort at baiting me to meet him to  TAKE ME WITH HIM by offering me to reclaim my dog since he was dying anyway and told me to meet him at the lake nearby the  town I live at now , I didnt believe him and imstead of meeting him at the lake I went to his house 3 hours away with help of a friend from the church that took me in here and found my poor boy dying in his dog house tied to a chain  skinny dehydrated with horribe raw skin infections in his eyes ears and bloody raw skin , he didnt even have the strenght to stand as if he had given up , THIS WAS MY BABY I TOOK FROM HIS MOMMA AT 10 weeks old and I had left him a beautiful healty muscular boxer mix in perfect health , reduced to  withered broken shell of himself , I was able to safely rescue him and the next day I got the call that My X HAD DIED , He  died in the hospital   right here in SONORA a 3 hour drive from where he and I lived in Santa Cruz  less than a block from my apt . HE WAS GOING TO TAKE ME WITH HIM and failed . and I am  now safe and I have  my Junior back after 11 miserable months and now ANNIE ,JUNIOR AND I together again  and  the bond between us is stronger than ever now that we are survivrs and free at last  from the violent abuse and isolation  

only now I am stuck here with no car and facing a Landlord who refuses to allow us all to stay in our apt because its too small he says so we FACE HOMELESSNES S IN 5 DAYS  becasue we couldnt find a place fast enough with no vehicle its  next to impossible in this area , HOW IS THIS FAIR ? ITS NOT BUT I CANT GIVE UP NOW WEVE COME TO FAR  I am a survivor and I didnt give up so much to  get this far or work that hard to keep us together  so I could just give either of my 2 precious  family members  up to be possibly killed in some shelter or to live with someone else who could turn out to be  as abusive and violent as my  boyfriend was  all because  of some landlord who doesnt have a heart or know what it means to show compassion or simply becasue I have  till now been unable to secure a reliable safe vehicle to  find gainfull employment  I am qualified for or alternative attainable dog friendly housing   GIVING THEM UP IS A PERMANANT SOLUTION to a TEMPORARY PROBLEM like suicide it is NOT AND WILL NOT EVER BE AN OPTION

Please consider a small donation to help me purchase this vehicle so I can  never have to mention this story again ,Its the last obstacle I need to over come to put me back to work again and 100% self sufficient  as I once was ANd to allow me the peace ofmind and freedom to enjoy my chosen and needed family without fear of eviction just becasue my only remaining family happens to have 4 legs and a tail  WEE need to stay together  where each of us is need and loved and well cared for .     THIS CAR  IS THE ONE THING I HAVE NEEDED MORE THAN ANYTHING TO HELP ME FINALLY PUT THE PAST BEHIND US AND WITH YOUR HELP THIS VEHICLE WILL  SOON MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO PAY IT FORWARD TO THE NEXT PERSON LIKE ME WHO MAY NEED A LEG UP AND NOT A HAND OUT   . Thank you for anything you can give at all to help me finally move forward , and Thanks for reading. 

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