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by Zee Kesler

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The Tiny House Building Workshop Series brings together communities of trades workers, architects, designers, inventors & artists to host a hands on construction workshop. The end product of the workshop is an inspiring off grid Tiny Community Center! See the whole story

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My name is Zee Kesler

I am a community based artist & educator interested in how spaces inform one’s ability to learn, be inspired and discover their own passions. As such, I enjoy creating inspiring, unexpected spaces for learning and community building.

Let's make community happen!

Phase 1: The Tiny House Building Workshop Series pairs trades workers, architects & artists with workshop participants interested in learning how to source, identify and utilize salvaged materials and use construction skills gained in the program to create their own projects. For this, we have created a curriculum for a pilot workshop series workshop run in association with the Vancouver Community Laboratory. The workshop will cover everything from tool safety to flooring, framing, electrical, solar systems and finishing. The workshop will use the tiny house as a teaching tool and the workshop is designed to allow participants to gain hands on experience in various constructions methods.

Phase 2: Involves using the Tiny Community Centre as a hub to inspire regular citizens take action and engage with their community as both participants and leaders. In order to offer accessible and creative course content, we are partnering with Trade School Vancouver to create a range of free and low cost workshops focused on a range of subjects from health, food and how to “DIY-ify” your life through home made projects of all disciplines.

Tiny  House Building Workshop Series

The workshop series will take place at the Vancouver Community Laboratory on Saturday & Sunday mornings 9-12, July 5 through August 31. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we will be enrolling participants interested in taking the entire 9 week workshop series.

The 9 Week Intensive Series & 1,2 and 3 Day Workshops 

The workshop outline is listed here.  To register for the 1,2 and 3 day workshop is available through a link to an eventbrite page. To register for the 9 Week Intensive, click on the "Registration for the Tiny House Workshop" link on the right hand side bar on this page!

Each workshop will include Q & A as well as hands on elements. Participants must complete one of the mandatory safety trainings prior to the start of the workshop.

What will the money be used for?

Lots of things! To pay honorariums to workshop instructors who have put 8 months of their time to make this project possible, subsidies for low income workshop participants, rental of building space at Vancouver Community Laboratory, advertising, food for workshop participants. Membership fees to participate in the workshop series at Vancouver Community Laboratory for participants and instructors, rental of tools. building materials that cannot be found salvaged ie: trailer, hardware etc

To ensure the future workshop dates and this project happens, please donate to recieve a cool prize! Or support us by passing this link onto anyone you think might be interested!

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