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This was a case of gross injustice by our so-called 'Justice System', which has lead to human rights abuses on a young American patriot and denied him his right to freedom and to watch his beautiful little girl grow up. Jesse William McGraw, aka ...

This was a case of gross injustice by our so-called 'Justice System', which has lead to human rights abuses on a young American patriot and denied him his right to freedom and to watch his beautiful little girl grow up. Jesse William McGraw, aka 'Ghost Exodus', has been falsely accused, convicted, and incarcerated by a system that seems to only be swayed only by financial gain... so it is money we seek for Jesse to find justice, as money seems to be all our 'Justice System' is truly interested in.

A misguided deed has been embellished and fabricated upon to a point where there was no discernment between fact and fiction, and the rights and due process of this American have been violated many times over, and with no redress. Coupled with a deliberate manipulation and convolution of the Appeal process that violated even more rights, Jesse was then forced to endure abuse and downright torture at the hands of his jailers,- having stomped across the rights of this American to an inhuman degree. For us to stand by and suffer this injustice on one patriot is to shadow us all in its corruption.

His original conflict with Anonymous stemmed from some dangerous tricks and cyberbullying that certain groups claiming to be Anonymous were engaging in at the time.  His group sought to send Anonymous a message, in an attempt to avenge those who were injured by this group and its bullying.  This came at a time when Anonymous had been responsible for a particularly nasty trick (in its early days, before they too became socially conscious to the power for good their skills could provide). Anonymous at that time had sought to ensnare epilepsy sufferers, encouraging them to a click on a site to help with epilepsy, only to be subjected to a video that flashed lights and images, which triggered seizures and had disastrous effects. This and other acts of cyberbullying first caught the attention of the ETA,or Electronic Tribulation Army, a group of 'white knight hacktavists' who sought to self -regulate their fellow hackers.  The ETA found members of cyberbullying and gave them skills to protect themselves and even fight their attackers...  as well as beginning some of the first pedophile-catching internet operations as well, educating and empowering victims through knowledge and social connections.  One group in particular, 94chan, who claimed to be Anonymous decided to take on the ETA, and persecute them for their stand and efforts on behalf of white knight hackers. This group was responsible for alot of online cyber bullying and real life threats being made and carried out. The people of this group bragged about their cyberbullying and considered themselves to be untouchable.  They were exposed by Jesse and other members of the ETA to bring an end to their cyberbullying... now they could be held accountable to their victims.  In return, they exposed Jesse and other ETA members, not only exposing them but threating their families with rape and murder, or 'swatting' them (to pretend to be their number and call the law claiming an emergency).  Their information, threats, and admissions to guilt were recorded and given over to the FBI and police by the ETA, yet the threats of rape and murder to wives and children were ignored, and so Jesse felt he had to take these guys down himself.

The conflicts between the ETA and 94chan had become so personal that many of the members had left the ETA for fear of exposure and the threat to their families.  So the amount of available computers had dwindled to only a few, and Jesse needed more computers to do the job to take down the servers of 94chan.  First he propsed to make a video to encourage would-be hacktavists to join the 'exciting' world of hactavism.  He worked at an outpatient facility, who main purpose was mostly non-invasive (no surgical procedures) examinations for the last stages of some therapies, for a larger, outpatient, sports-injury and osteporis practioners.  The section Jesse worked in as a security guard, and the section he accessed for the botnet was a closed system, not connected to the larger facility in any way.  It was computers and a system used simply for record keeping.  These computers were not in use at night, and here was a whole room of unused computers that could help take down 94chan, with no reprecussions to the system or its records.  Jesse was a white knigher, he would never allow harm to come to the customers of the clinic.  

Jesse had worked at this place as a security guard for some time, and his post was the front desk.  He worked at night, when the clinic was technically closed but still had a security guard at the place.  Jesse often sat at the front desk on his laptop, which did not pick up the wifi very well, so Jesse had found an unprotected HVAC system, which already had users on it using Limewire (a known site which can easily cause a system to be compromised, its a hacked, virusesy, spammy site for illegal downloads of music and movies- if any malicious code ever existed on this system it was this program, and was not put there by Jesse but was already installed on the HVAC).  Jesse found the reception there to be much better than at the front desk, so he installed 'LogMeIn', a completely legitimate remote access program, so that Jesse could do the usual, entirely legal, internet activities of reading email, ordering bumperstickers and patches, and surfing news stories that anyone does.  Later in court it would be testified to the fact that the HVAC system was never compromised in any way by Jesse's installation or use of LogMeIn, validating that the only thing it was used for was legitimate and legal activities.  Jesse KNEW the HVAC system had automatic procedures and processes in place to protect its system, but Jesse never put 'malicious code' on the HVAC, as LogMeIn COULD be used maliciously, or could be used legitimately - and if malicious intent was never proven  (because it was never used FOR malicious intent or purposes) then they were only able to make it SEEM malicious when they added the only REAL 'crime' Jesse DID commit...  which was later to put a botnet on the nurse's station.  But the systems were not connected, and Jesse did no harm on the HVAC (the proof is in his charges from the Justice Dept...  Jesse was never forced to compensate the North Surgical Surgical Center - although it was THEIR HVAC system.  Why did the courts not think the HVAC center needed compensation of a financial nature?  Because no harm had been done to the HVAC, no harm had come from the LogMeIn being on the HVAC... and therefore there had been no 'malicious code' put on the HVAC after all, just a harmless program installed, and had no connection, nor was ever proven to have a connection to the botnet, or the system it was placed on.  Only the Carrell Clinic, the business that operated out of the building of the North Central Surgical Center was due any compensation, and while no 'damage' had occured to the system, Jesse DID put a botnet on the system, although that botnet was never actually used. 

The FBI and its head prosecutor, Candina Heath, were 'warned' of Jesse's activities by a security student Wesley McGrew, who was the only one who was even close to knowing the specifics and technological ramifications of the case.  (Of course, while the FBI allowed McGrew full rein and believed anything he said, Jesse was told to shut up and just agree with everyone to ensure 'leinency' by this lawyers, all of whom were incapable of truly mounting a defense for Jesse due to their own lack of technical knowledge, and their retence to find anyone that would do anything in Jesse's favor to untangle the mess of technical terms into an understandble case.  So the FBI, with no other 'witness' than a security student hell bent on his own chance at fame, did not consult any other experts on the issues or use any other witness (other than that of the prosecutor who later testified that Jesse had been the driving force behind the 'witness intimidation' charges against McGrew, even tho the proof of Jesse's pleas to leave McGrew in peace by the other members existed...  they knew they could not prosecute the other members, as no true intimidation had occured, only McGrew baiting the ETA and the ETA retalitating with some rather tasteless jokes and deliveries to McGrew that did not constitute a crime, or threats.  But they were able to pad Jesse's sentensce and 'send a message' as the Judge in Jesse's case was quoted as saying.  (Is Justice truly blind when the court will single out a case to 'make an example of?')

ut needed more computers to do the job.This was 'whiteknighting hacktavism' from Jesse and the ETA, that began some of the original pedo-catching operations on IRC chats, as well as fighting cyber bullying.  They reached out to victims of such cyber-bullies, empowering them will skills and tools to defend and fight back, many of whom joined the ETA as a result. Now Jesse and his fellow members must seek to disable those leaders, and since the law enforcement would do nothing, Jesse and his team were forced to take matters into their own hands, as their very families were under threat.

Jesse was working as a security officer in a rehabilitation facility, and found the needed computers to enact vengeance on Anonymous for its horrible prank on seizure sufferers. He found such a system that would work perfectly well, with no disruption of its processes and functions, and would help him in his attempt to seek vengeance for those victims of the seizure videos. He installed LogMeIn on the HVAC system of a clinic that was a private practice for sports injuries, mainly, an outpatient orthopedics clinic.  This was in no way the 'hospital' that was claimed by the prosecution and the media, who never truly sought out the facts but rather posted only the side of the prosecution. LogMeIn is not malicious code, but a remote access software that Jesse used so he could access the HVAC system, which had better connection than he could get at his guard station in the main lobby.  The botnet, however, was not installed on the HVAC system, but rather on the nurse's station, and it was intened for use with a well-intended (altho misguided) directive of attacking those who had threatened his family, and the family of his fellow ETA members. He in no way ever sought to endanger anyone, his technical knowledge being such he knew how to use the systems without once compromising the safety or integrity of the operations of those systems, systems which, consequently, were unconnected to the HVAC units. This HVAC system was not part of a hospital either, but rather the system used at a personal clinic whose doors were closed and locked at night and on the weekends.  He created a foolish video to seek recruits to help in the fight, and was to Jesse's ultimate undoing. An internet security analyst named Wesley McGrew came across Jesse's video and saw a chance to further his career and standing in his own circles, and launched an 'investigation' of what he perceived to be a 'threat'. And so he found a few things, and concocted his 'findings' to reflect that a well-intentioned 'white knighter' somehow, for no real reason or motive that was ever given, desired to do some harm, when -in fact -this was not the case. McGrew's main motive being to seek self gratification, surely knowing the distinctions between what Jesse actually DID compared to what McGrew was claiming it was. McGrew used illicit procedures to procure the 'evidence' against Jesse, and then took this evidence to the FBI. The FBI, ever quick to show the inequality of the Justice System by 'making examples' of a case, particularly those of perceived cyber crime, jumped at the chance to arrest and incarcerate this misguided- but not criminal- young citizen.  After all, this was a landmark case, the first in history where someone was charged with corrupting industrial systems, they wanted not only to 'make an example' but also make sure to score a historical conviction that would set precedence for justification of overreaching in future computer-related cases. 

Jesse was arrested and charged, not with installing a simple remote access program on a HVAC system for personal use, and a botnet on 12 machines of a sports rehab facility, but rather with 12 counts of 'malicious code', claiming a connection between the botnet and the HVAC system that didnt actually exist, EVEN WHILE the owners of the HVAC system (North Central Surgical Center) were not mentioned in the charges or the restitution orders. the public was milead to believe that Jesse was this dangerous, 'evil' cybercriminal who 'hacked a hospital' and 'endangered children.'  The Surgical Center, which made up the larger part of the building it shared with the Carrell Clinic, which was a SEPERATE business AND facility than the Surgical Center itself, did not have an 'emergency room' with people on life support...  it did perform surgeries by appointment...  yet was purely an outpatient facility itself.  And, if Jesse 'hacked' this hospital, then why was there no compensation due them?  The FBI told the media misleading information to paint a very bad picture of a misguided young hacktavist who wanted to use his skills to fight AGAINST malicious, hurtful cyberbullies and other interests agasint his fellow americans.  (The ETA had also engaged in taking down the Chinese hackers that infiltrated our army databases, and Jesse had plans to go into security to HELP the country ensure itself against future attacks, as the infrastructure that secures the countries most secret information is vulnerable and needs people with Jesse's skills to show up its flaws.) Jesse had no intention of ever bringing any harm - nor could they prove any - to the systems in which the botnet was placed on, nor could botnet have been able to compromise the systems they claimed it could have affected.  As for the HVAC, Jesse's technical knowledge was such that he knew the systems would be able to operate safely, the main heating and air conditioning systems would have never been affected to begin with,nor were they connnected to the nurse's station that Jesse put the botnet on at the Clinic.

After Jesse was locked away, the ETA and McGrew engaged in a back and forth banter, with McGrew hacking ETA's servers, radio stream, IRC and forums, and bragged of his exploits - and the ETA posting online pictures that were tasteless, as well as having a few deliveries to his house.  The Feds and McGrew both knew the actual identities of the main agitators on the ETA's side (while McGrew was definately engaging and agitating the ETA as well), yet they knew that everything done was not criminal, and within the rights of the First Ammendment.  Since they could not persecute the members of the ETA for exercising their First Ammendment rights (while they DID raid the ETA members and seize their property, there was never any charges files, even tho most of the members to this day have never gotten their seized property back.)  So instead, after Jesse had already been imprisoned for almost 2 years (violation of Due Process as well, a 'fair and speedy trial - neither fair, not speedy), they decided to pad Jesse's sentence with 'intimidation of an FBI witness), using only the testimony....  not of that WITNESS, but on only the verbal testimony of the prosecuting ATTORNEY was Jesse charged and convicted of 'witness intimidation', even with the proof of Jesse's direct command to take down the sites that were set up to ridicule McGrew and to stop actions that engaged in that activity.  This proof was not allowed to trial, as Jesse's lawyers begged Jesse to be complasiant and not try to defend himself in any way, and when Jesse tried to get them to at least provide some of the proof to his innocence he was called 'comabtive' and demanded to be silent...  even to the point where one of his prosecuting attorneys actually sealed the records to restrict access to needed evidence, which contributed to Jesse's convolution of process to his appeal.  (Which, he has not had to this day.)

Jesse was sentenced with two counts of transmitting malicious code to HVAC systems, and to the overcharged tune of 110 months of custody, followed by three years of supervised release.

His charges were not only grossly exaggerated, but he was also convicted on what they (with limited technical knowledge, and the only testimony allowed was a biased, flawed assessment by a slanted source) had incorrectly theorized MIGHT have happened, rather than on any actual wrongdoing or harm. A dangerous precedence is set when people are convicted of what they MAY do, or are charged for what MAY happen. Jesse's little girl was a year old when she last saw her loving father, before he left for work one morning. His visits with her have been far too brief, and by no fault other than the overreactive and aggressive prison system. If this is not tragedy enough, Jesse was placed in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) where he suffered abuse akin to torture, and for over 13 months he was forced to endure a horrific treatment, one which has become commonplace in 'hacker' cases, they are placed in the SHU for overly extended periods on over exaggerated, if not downright untrue- justifications.  The SHU is the Maximum Security Lockdown 23 hours a day in a 9x3 cell, and usually not without guard harrassement as well.

Jesse has been denied his Habeas Corpus appeal, his earlier lawyers have not worked in his best interests, which is becoming common place for state-appointed counselors, who already have a conflict of interest in winning for their clients. They will not be paid by the state if they win, and if their clients are without the funds to pay them, then they run the risk of being denied compensation for their time, so the only sure 'pay out' is to loose the case. And so Jesse was advised to throw out his probable cause hearing, and to just go along with the 'process' of having every right violated and every protection overturned. Almost two years spent before even being sentenced, then another three years spent serving time without the first hint at appeal, Jesse has been imprisoned for almost five years now. Recently, his lawyer was refused an extension to plead Jesse's case or file his appeal, by the same prosecutor that is litigating Barrett Browns case, the young man who is facing 105 years for... well, no one is really sure what his 'crime' is precisely, other than a deceptive correlation of unrelated events, used to paint more false pictures to incarcerate the new generation of political prisoners. Just recently Barrett Brown had a good number of his charges thrown out as it was ruled unconstitutional to be charged with sharing hyperlinks.

Jesse was penalized with over $38,000 dollars in fines, most of which was from the fleecing of the security companies to check for damage that did not exist, and to look for more 'malicious code' that was not there. Jesse gave them full information and cooperation on the technical aspects of what he did, but still was billed for the extensive, and overcharged 'clean up' of every system they could think of, not just the 12 machines Jesse admitted to compromising.
Jesse was a working father, a youth minister, a talented musician and artist, and good friend to so many he helped. He meant well, and has been imprisoned, abused, tortured, and violated at every turn. Please donate to our FreeGhostExodus fund, to help pay on Jesse's fines and legal fees. Any money that is taken past that amount will be passed on to Jesse's smart and beautiful daughter, who is the light of Jesse's life.

Please help in whatever way you can, and tell others Jesse's story, and spread awareness of the gross malfeasance and abuse of this scape-goated American citizen.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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