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Can you imagine the gospels written from the perspective of a journalist? Can you fathom what it must have been like for a journalist to have record of the actual happenings during the time of Jesus? Now you can read these ...

Short Summary

Can you imagine the gospels written from a journalist's perspective?

Can you fathom what it must have been like for a journalist to have record of the actual happenings during the time of Jesus?

Now you can read these experiences for yourself with The Bible Newspaper, delivered once per month via digital PDF.

Review a portion of the Table of Contents of these 125 stories!

What We Need & What You Get

We are ready, now we need your support to broadcast this historic accomplishment to the world. Achieving our goal will allow us to accomplish the following:

  1. We need approximately $18,516.00 in order to attend and have presence at the NRB International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN, the largest Christian gathering of ministries within the media, digital and Internet world.
  2. Cover traveling expenses for our team.
  3. Print 2,000 copies each of the following books:
    • Judas: Betrayer of Jesus
    • Lucifer: Enemy of God
    • The Spectatators of Jesus the Christ 
  4. Print 5,000 postcards and other important promotional material
  5. Inform the media of our attendance
  6. Host "The Bible Newspaper Special Event" on the last day of the convention.
  7. In exchange for support, we will provide both digital and autographed copies of paperback books, annual subscriptions of the digital version of The Bible Newspaper, bumper stickers and the official Bible Newspaper cap.

Judas Betrayer of Jesus   

NOTE: Book covers for Lucifer Enemy of God and The Spectatators of Jesus the Christ are currently being designed. 

The Books

Spectators of Jesus the Christ author relates the stories, shares the experiences, notes the observations and conveys the imagined feelings of twenty-seven characters in the four Gospels and, based on The Holy Bible, fictionalizes their stories from a first-person perspective.

The Lucifer Enemy of God is the exhaustive introduction to Spectators of Jesus the Christ. Lucifer Enemy of God summarizes the entire Old Testament, told from Lucifer, or Satan's perspective. The author reports from the very beginning of time (the Prelude), throughout Bible times and current time (the Interlude), Satan's domination of and demonic involvement in human affairs. Prophetic warnings and signs of Jesus' coming (the Postlude) concludes this book. The author assigned the Prelude, Interlude and Postlude musical composition terms as the three divisions in Lucifer Enemy of God because The Holy Bible states that Lucifer was a magnificent musical being (Ezekiel 28:13). 

The Judas Betrayer of Jesus author chronicles the scriptural accounts and fictional thoughts of Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Jesus the Christ. Referencing The Holy Bible, Judas Betrayer of Jesus retells Judas' story from a fictional first-person perspective. After reading this book readers will learn why Judas betrayed Jesus, how he betrayed Jesus, and his regret for plus damnable consequences of betraying Jesus. These three chapters are in Spectators of Jesus the Christ.

The Effect

The Bible has always been relevant.  It has always found its way into mainstream discussions, movies and even controversy.  The Bbile attracts people for various reasons. By providing a fresh experience of the Bible from a journalist's perspective, we will attract both Christians and unbelievers to experience and relive the gospels from a contemporary journalist's perspective.

  • This project has been 20 years in the making and your support will allow the labors of The Bible Newspaper to be introduced to the world at the most important gathering of the Christian Media community of the year.
  • We are selling the digital version successfully and have developed a state of the art website that allows instant delivery of our digital products without having to go through a third party such as Amazon, iTunes or other venues.
  • We have an affiliate program intact that allows groups, individuals, businesses, churches and bloggers to earn up to 50% commission for enrolling in our affiliate program, posting our banners on their site, or talking about it on their radio program.
  • We have an email system that can monetize offers, create campaigns and track all activities whether in-house or through partnerships.
  • We have a powerful team that will represent social media, public relations and Internet development to continue to seize the moment with new products and networking opportunities.
  • The Testament Spectator has an additional unpublished 30-plus stories that will be added to our product line.  These will include books, short stories and special online products for subscribers.

About The Testament Spectator

  • Is the caregiver of his octogenarian parents and 104-year-old grandmother
  • Has been a Christian for more than 45 years, has read, studied and written about the Bible for about 19 of those years
  • Has tenured more than 20 years of writing experience at his state civil service job
  • Rewrote about ten percent of the Bible in newspaper at night, during the early morning hours and on the weekend
  • Visited, toured and studied the Bible in the State of Israel three times, as well as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan twice
  • Authored Judas: Betrayer of Jesus and Lucifer: Enemy of God, and Spectators of Jesus the Christ

Other Ways You Can Help

How you can help, if you don't have any money.

  • Place us on your daily prayer list
  • Join our Facebook Page and Twitter account
  • Share this opportunities with others
  • Become a FREE Affiliate
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I want to give my basket of fish and bread to help feed the word of God to multitudes. I know God's word is imperative and will make a profound impact upon the lives of those who are exposed to it. (You will receive The Bible Newspaper bumper sticker.)
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I want to help you carry forth this unique expression of God's word to the world. You will receive a signed copy of Judas: Betrayer of Jesus plus a bumper sticker!
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Receive a signed copy of Judas: Betrayer of Jesus and Lucifer: Enemy of God plus the bumper sticker!
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I realize how important it is for such a product to be made available to the public so they can experience the word of God in such a unique way.

* Receive a signed copy of Judas: Betrayer of Jesus; Lucifer: Enemy of God, and Jesus. Of course, you will also receive The Bible Newspaper bumper sticker!
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Yes, I'm strongly praying for the Bible Newspaper effort.

You will receive signed copies of all three books, plus an annual subscription to The Bible Newspaper -- and, of course, the bumper sticker!
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Fighting the good fight of faith is imperative in these last days, and the word of God presented in such a way is marvelous!

Receive all of the above plus a special and limited edition signed copy of The Bible Newspaper poster!
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I believe countless souls can and will be touched by such a demonstration of God's unique presentation of His word.

Receive all of the above plus a personal phone call from The Testament Spectator!
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I don't like the boat! I'm out on the water with you!

Receive all of the above plus an invitation to a special luncheon with The Testament Spectator while he is in Nashville, TN!
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