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Friends, I am not sure if you all know her story, but this lovely woman needs our help.  She is a single Mom and has a child who needs surgery, and could end up on the streets right now.  Below is her story.  If you can help, even with the ...

Friends, I am not sure if you all know her story, but this lovely woman needs our help.  She is a single Mom and has a child who needs surgery, and could end up on the streets right now.  Below is her story.  If you can help, even with the smallest amount, lets show her that PRAYER works!


Hello friends and family, just want to share and ask for prayer. I thought I had my home situation taken care of. However, the deals that would have given me the money to catch up on my house fell through on Friday. Chase Bank has illegally and fraudulently set foreclosure proceedings against me. I have not been served one single paper or given any due diligence in the process of home foreclosure. By law a bank cannot foreclose on you, without the original loan documents. My original loan was through Washington Mutual Bank. When Washington Mutual Bank went under they shredded all of their loan documents. So Chase has no record of the original loan. The loan was taken out because my ex husband wanted to put a home equity line of credit on our home which I was completely against. But he ended up doing it anyway. Then shortly afterwards we ended up getting a divorce due to Gary's infidelity. Gary was supposed to be paying half of the house payments half the insurance and a few other bills according to the divorce decree. He did not make any payments since January of 2012. I have been making them all by myself. I was barely making it and trying to take care of everything without any support financially from Gary. Last October was the last payment I was able to make. I've been trying my hardest to get caught up but they want it all, not payments. They started sending out threats of foreclosure in February. That's all I've ever gotten was threats of foreclosure. I put my home on the market in May and dropped the price clear down to $54.00 a square ft. Chase called me and told me that they would not pursue forclosure as long as I had my home listed. Then one week later on July 18, 2013, I came home and found a sheet of paper taped to my front porch from a mortgage foreclosure company out of Washington. Stating that my home was being sold at auction on Nov. 18, 2013. I called Chase and they said not to worry about it that it was a criss cross. So I continued on trying to make money or sell my home whichever came first. Then I found out last month that the house was still scheduled for a sale date of Nov. 18. I have been praying to the Lord to help me to get the money to get caught up and I thought I would have it because I had 2 of my listings in contract. But when they fell through, so did my hopes to get my home caught up. Now I have 13 days to either somehow stop this illegal sale or get out of my house. Juliana is being scheduled for her back surgery on Friday that we've been waiting for a whole year to have. She will need 6 to 8 weeks of fully assisted recovery after the surgery. Of course now we have winter as well, so this couldn't happen at a worse time. I dont blame the banks for collecting on a debt, but we have due process in this country to protect the homeowner from this type of illegal foreclosure. The banks know the laws but they often disregard them because they know they can get away with breaking the law because most families who find themselves in my postion do not have the money to pay a good Real Estate attorney to protect their rights. I am at a loss for what to do. I am trying to get help through legal aid. I am begging Chase to just give me 6 more months. That is all I need to either sell my home or get caught up. I am obviously going to have to start packing but I don't have any money to go anywhere. I don't have any money to rent a house. I don't have any money to even rent a storage unit so this couldn't have happened at a worse time. I do need to ask those of you that are local that would be willing to help me pack, if you can please come at your convenience and help me I would greatly appreciate it. If you have sturdy boxes you could bring that would help as well. I don't know where I'm going to go from here, so I would truly ask you today to please pray. I would not put all this information out here on Facebook if it was imperative. I need your prayers I know that there are some very strong prayer warriors out there on my FB. I ask that you share this with other prayer warriors and your churches prayer chain. Please share this with anyone you think will pray. I don't care I'm not ashamed this is just life circumstances. Things happen, I'm trusting in the Lord! I love Jesus with all my heart and I know He loves me. I trust Him no matter what the outcome of all of this is to be. I am going to PRAISE HIM in this storm. Even in everything that has happened within my family in the past 4 years, I know God has been right by my side, and I know that He always will be! I feel like the Israelites standing on the edge of the Red Sea and Pharoah is behind me. I don't know how to get away so I'm asking the Lord to part my sea for me and my children lead me onto dry land. I thank God that I have the most beautiful friends who pray for me. The most awesome children and family who love me. And the most wonderful man who is my rock and my heart, Kevin Lunde. Really, I couldn't ask for anything more. Please pray for me. If you can help please call me or text me, my number is 208 6511289. I need packing tape boxes and bubble wrap so if anybody has extra that they could bring that would be great and if anybody can offer their hand to help that would be awesome I love you all and I thank you in advance for your prayers God bless you all for taking the time to read this and to understand. Love to you all! Denine

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