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Victor Delvalle is a loving husband, father, brother, son, uncle, friend and an all-around awesome guy! Who'd have thought that at the age of 44 Victor would be fighting a battle with brain cancer? His journey began in July 2010 while heading out ...

Victor Delvalle is a loving husband, father, brother, son, uncle, friend and an all-around awesome guy! Who'd have thought that at the age of 44 Victor would be fighting a battle with brain cancer?  

His journey began in July 2010 while heading out of town for a beach bound mini vacation with his wife and daughter (his son was stationed over seas).  Victor was concerned with the headache that would not go away with pain relievers. As they got closer to their destination, the concern turned to a possible stroke since he was experiencing some weakness and slight tingling and numbness on the left side of his body. The decision was made that they would visit an ER once they arrived in Santa Cruz, CA. Their concern turned into their worst fears, a golf ball size brain lesion. The ER doctors said they should definitely shorten their trip, but they saw no need to admit him that night. After much discussion, Victor decided he was not going to let this news ruin the excitement of his then 8 yr old daughter having a good time at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He and Heidi put on a smile, rode some rides, took pictures and reflected on how important "time" and family are. Their holiday vacation ended that night as Victor’s headache worsened and the emotional drain set in, so, they headed back home to work out what lie ahead of them. Only home for a day, Victor’s headache was unbearable and in the early hours of July 5th they headed to the ER. Victor was admitted immediately and scheduled for brain surgery that afternoon. The surgery was a success, but the pathology report determined that he had a Grade 4 Brain Tumor. Blessed with incredible doctors he was set up with UCSF where he started a schedule of radiation, & chemotherapy in pill form and infusions. UCSF had him on a 1-2 year schedule, which included MRI's, every 2-3 months, blood work, and various check-in appointments. Of course he experienced many side effects from the treatments that included nausea, rash, fatigue, and even some continued weakness on his left side.  Through it all he has shown incredible courage, strength, and positivity. Being the warrior and Superman that he is, Victor went back to work in December 2010 while still on chemo. But, in April 2011 he was put on permanent disability, lost his employer benefits, and had to start paying for a higher premium insurance plan through Heidi's employer.  All of which added to the already financial hardship they’ve had to endure since his diagnosis in 2010.  But, as they say “life goes on.” He finally completed his chemo regimen in September 2011, enrolled in community college January 2012, and celebrated 2 years cancer free July 2012.  

Then in March 2013 at a follow up MRI and oncology visit, Victor & Heidi were told, "There's some new tumor growth."  The words we were all praying would never be said again. He was immediately put on a new chemo drug, which unfortunately didn't work.  In May 2013 he underwent another brain surgery removing 90% of the tumor. He was treated once again with radiation (this time stereotactic radiation), which is more intense and directly radiates the tumor site. He is also back to taking two different chemotherapies (pill and infusion) and with the veins tired of being poked he decided to undergo another surgery to place a port for blood draws and chemo. In the midst of all of this the family lost a very close friend, which has been an emotional battle as they continue to fight for life on a daily basis, just to see a friend go so suddenly. Every day this family has a different experience that can truly be described as a roller coaster ride.

Watching Victor & Heidi face all they have faced together has been nothing short of inspiring.   They continue with their social calendars, they continue being very active parents, they continue to open their home & offer assistance to others, and yet ask nothing in return. They live life to the fullest and do it with whoever is there ready to do it with them. They have surrounded themselves with love, compassion, & support of their friends and family-"Team Victor".  It is Team Victor's support that the Delvalle's draw their strength, courage and fight to keep on going.   Victor has been successfully battling brain cancer for 3 years now and the financial cost has been exorbitant. We are looking to collect donations in the hopes that it will help this family feel a little less stress. The medical bills have been enormous and endless. With the new year approaching they will start all over again having to pay their high deductible before anything is paid by insurance. We are calling out to everyone and anyone who knows Victor or Heidi, who has been touched by their story or who has been inspired by their love and support of one another. Please help give them this gift as a symbol of our support for all of "Team Victor"

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