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Oregon Feral Cat Emergency
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We are in the midst of a serious cat emergency an must ask for help in Immediately getting them to many of you know we have been caring for an keeping safe an colony of mostly feral cats for several years now. The colony has now been ...
We are in the midst of a serious cat emergency an must ask for help in Immediately getting them to many of you know we have been caring for an keeping safe an colony of mostly feral cats for several years now. The colony has now been added to by another at least 17 cats due to very poor judgement on someones part...they apparently assumed you can feed them, allow them to live under your home and along with NOT desexing them ..leave them on their own when you move on to bigger ,better things. Since there are 3 of us in a 4 block area that feed an house colonies the cats of course came to our homes for sanctuary. In a very bad stroke of luck for the cats the farmer behind our property happened to plow his fields for the first time in many,many years last the predators (racoons, coyotes,ect) that have lived in the protection of these unplowed fields an fed from them are hungry and confused. The over flow of cats, particularly the new kittens that kitten season always brings to the colonies that are not spayed . All the new cats are still being trapped an desexed an so thsi year we are seeing babes again . We woke up to the devastating sight of decapitated kittens an dead moms who had fought to save them scattered across our drive way. Many of our adults an several youngsters are injured and need care as well as many of the newer cats being ill ,probably wormy an full of fleas...our colony is trying to accept, adapt an protect the newer addition an several have died trying. We MUST move them NOW> We have transportation an sanctuary for the fmaily of cats that are new to our colony other words not part of the loyal family bond they build...a colony of their own who have been dehomed an need the sanctuary being offered them by people I trust to care for an protect them as we do ours. We have the ability to do this NOW. Monday...just 2 days form now but we need help with gas, food, supplies as well as whatever medical we are not able to pay. I am well aware that moving feral colonies is not always best nor is it easy but they are being killed fast an we cannot allow thsi to continue. The new ones who do stay also are in need of flea, worm an mite treatments or our entire colony will be at risk again after years of being helped to become strong an healthy. We have several cats who are on antibiotics an pain meds now due to injuries as well as many who showed up looking for safety that are anemic an thin as bones. We will do all in our power to save an protect the new cats as well as our own but we have been wiped out financially by this an have no choice but to ask for help form our friends and fellow cat lovers and animal rescuers. I am including a album of pictures showing some of the cats an how they are so shook up they have broken their own rules an started to enter our home. through any door or window available. We have brought in 2 litters of babes, one whose mom is now dead due to head injuries ,the other whose mom decided to trust us enough to keep her babes alive by coming in. The tiny white guy in the pictures is the only survivor of the horrific coyote attack ,although CLaudia ( her name now) was injured she has lived through the shock an trauma of what see saw an suffered through and will NOT grow up to be feral ,but will become a much loved family member of a lucky family when shes old enough as will all the cats we can tame an vet to a point of adoption being possible. PLEASE share our request for help an help us yourself is possible, every small donation is a massive help towards the needs we have of IMMEDIATE food, supplies, gas an transportation. We included many pictures of the set up the cats have now to show we are not just asking them to live alone, outside in danger. We are giving our all to keep them alive an well an have grown to care deeply for them an the courage an loyalty they are made of. I have been blown over by respect for the bond they have ,not only for each other but for us an our companion animals as well. They are deserving of so much more then being thrown to the bottom of the domestic food chain by those who brought home cute kittens only to throw them out as grown cats an allow them to breed for generations ,denying them food an simple care,. We will not abandon them as they have already been abandoned...they are now our responsibility and a part of our heart an we ask for help to keep them safe form thsi new an terrifying situation . We are collecting donations for the cat emergency on its own at the paypal address of We will have over 25 items in a buy it now action to raise funds as well posted later tonight an throughout the day tomorrow.THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP IN SHARING OUR NEED FOR ASSISITANCE. Peggy , Bobbi-jo, Oscar an all the rest of the critters as well
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