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104% of €4.5k goal
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2 Years running

A couple more dogs have left for new homes or foster homes over the last month, with Free and Duffy both arriving in the UK.

Meanwhile new arrivals include Dande (Dandelion) - found shivering alone by a stairwell, Ella from the rubbish tip, sisters Tilly and Leah rescued from the roadside on the way to Praca, and pups Rose and Violet found on a roadside in the mountains.

By making a donation towards his furry family, you can help keep them safe for one more month. Every Euro shows you care, every share shows you care.

Please do look out for possible new homes for Caki's dogs - they are safe in "pension" but they all really need proper homes.  If you can help him in anyway please share his struggle: HELP CAKI DOGS TO FIND HOMES.

It is imperative that the animals in pensions are safe in pensions, as they are far too friendly and would be easy pickings for the dog catchers. But in order to keep them safe we need YOUR help.


Fahrudin Caki Bravo has 49 furry friends under his wing for May! His furry family need YOUR HELP. Please consider making a donation today.




Dandelion 80
Ella 80
Rose 80
Tilly 80
Violet 80
Leah 80


Afrodita 65
Azra 80
Bear 80
Bela 75
Ben 75
Bilbo (Linda pup 6) 80
Billy 80
Boots (Linda pup 5) 80
Bowie (was Lola) 80
Brex 80
Buddy 70
Buddy L 100
Charlie 80
Curly 80
Divine 80
Dylan 80
Ebony 80
George 80
Happy (Emma) 80
Isobel 80
Janine and pups (2 died, 1 adopted) 180
Ryas Prince 
Knight 80
Noel 100
Oliver 80
Panda 80
Paris / Nando 2 80
Penny 80
Pepper (Hresa pup) 80
Pip 80
Pippin 80
Poppy 105
Rina 80
Robbie / Joey 80
Rocko (Staffy pup, was Rupert) 80
Romeo 80
Rosa 70
Rubin (was Un-named black dog) 80
Sejo 80
Sparkle (was Spike) 80
Trip 70
Will (GSD)
Zeus 70





TOTAL Pension Funds Needed: 3,860

VET FEES for May

Passport, microchip, vaccination for 6 dogs:  324
Re-vaccinations:  60

TOTAL Vet Fees Needed: 384

PayPal/Fundrazr Fees = 210 Euros
TOTAL NEEDED: 4,454 Euros

PLEASE please please consider making a donation today. EVERY single euro will help 49 lives stay safe.

**** If you prefer to make a donation directly via PayPal, please send it to and mark it 'CAKI'S MAY PENSION and VET FEES' ****

FUNDRAZR FEES:  It seems that if you are using PayPal then Fundrazr will only work properly with a minimum €5 donation PLUS a minimum €1 "donation" or "tip" to Fundrazr.  Smaller donations, and or donations with the Fundrazr "tip" set to zero, are automatically refunded via PayPal.

For further information or to follow Caki's rescue work please see his Facebook Page

And to find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to


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