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Already July as we launch the June Fundrazr.  We have really struggled to raise funds this summer, but thankfully we have been helped out by a very generous donation via Stichting Dierennood in the Netherlands - THANK YOU Ria, Sandra and Hanno!

New arrivals include Bluebell, found under a roadside picnic table in a deserted area with no houses: she is a typical black and tan cross, and is very friendly.  Also German Shepherd Dog Angel (#2), found abandoned by the roadside, lame with what proved to be a bullet injury to her leg - she is now rcovering after surgery.  A second GSD, Armana, came to Caki after her owner left her behind when he went to Germany - another dog with a lovely temperament.  Known as the "Cemetary Pups", Daria, Luka (#2), Cooper and Paddy were a litter all found together, abandoned in a cemetary.

Sadly there have been some tragedies again this month, with all of Martha's pups passing away - it seems they were somewhat underdeveloped, probably because Martha didn't get enough food during her pregnancy.   Baker Street pup Fletch also passed away unexpectedly.

On a more positive note, Dougie and Summer, together with Val's pups Jenna, Penita, Birdy, Ebony, Georgie and Rudi have all found homes in the UK.

The authorities still won't allow any movement of dogs in or out of Praca, but Caki and other helpers continue to feed and clean out the dogs there on a regular basis.  

Yet again, with injuries and puppies, the vet bills have continued to be significant. 

Thank you so very much to everyone who made all these acts of humanity possible: Caki and his team cannot adequately express their gratitude for your ongoing love and support - both emotional and financial.  THANK YOU ALL!


IMPORTANT: Due to new and emerging tax claims, please would ALL those DONATING BY PayPal mark your donation simply as "Gift".  This may help to minimise tax liabilities.

By making a donation towards his furry family, you can help keep them safe for one more month. Every Euro shows you care, every share shows you care.  Please do look out for possible new homes for Caki's dogs - they are safe in "pension" but they all really need proper homes.  If you can help him in anyway please share his struggle: HELP CAKI DOGS TO FIND HOMES.


Fahrudin Caki Bravo has 59 furry friends under his wing for June! His furry family need YOUR HELP. Please consider making a donation today.




Angel 80
Armana 80
Bluebell 80
Cemetary pup Daria 5 80
Cemetary pup Luka 80
Cemetary pup Cooper 80
Cemetary pup Paddy 3 80

Adina (tripod) 80
   Pup Elma 80
   Pup Dita 80
Alice 80
Amy 80
Angel 100
Arlo 80
Azra 80
Baker St Bear 80
Baker St Gibson 80
Baker St Chanel 80
Baker St George 80
Bear 80
Bela 75
Bilba (Linda pup 6) 80
Bobby 80
Bosun 80
Bronwen 80
Buddy 70
Buddy 2 80
Caki 80
Charlie 80
Dinah 80
Divine 80
Felix 80
Han Solo 80
Happy (Emma) 80
Harry 80
Holly 80
Janine and pups (2 died, 1 adopted) 180
   Ryas Prince
Kiri 80
Lara 80
Loren 80
Liuka 80
Mara 80
Marko 80
Martha 80
Panda 80
Pip 80
Poppy 105
Riley 80
Rina 80
Rio 80
Rocko (Staffy pup, was Rupert) 80
Sammy 80
Sansa 80
Secret 80
Shadow 80
Vucko 80
Yogi 80
Un-named girl  (sponsored)


Baker St Fletch  RIP
Martha's 6 pups  RIP
Val's pups:

TOTAL Pension Funds Needed:  € 4 690


VET FEES for June:

Passport, microchip, vaccination for 7 dogs:  € 378
Angel #2 (shot in leg):  € 300 [provisional sum]
Martha and pups:  € 120 [provisional sum]
4D tests x 7:  € 140

TOTAL Vet Fees Needed:  € 938

Bosnian taxes (10% of total remittances): € 625

PayPal Fees (5%):  € 310
TOTAL FOR JUNE: 6 563 Euros


PLEASE please please consider making a donation today. EVERY single euro will help 59 lives stay safe.


If you prefer to make a donation directly via PayPal, please send it to   PLEASE mark payments "Gift".



FUNDRAZR FEES:  If you are using PayPal then Fundrazr will only work properly with a minimum €5 donation PLUS a minimum €1 "donation" or "tip" to Fundrazr.  Smaller donations, and or donations with the Fundrazr "tip" set to zero, are automatically refunded via PayPal (but you can of course still make a direct payment to Caki's PayPal - see above).

TAX:  The Bosnian authorities have retrospectively imposed a 10% tax on all PayPal and other electronic payments to private individuals received from overseas.  As a result we have to add a further 10% to cover this cost.  Caki is working with professional advisers to find how best to minimise this extra cost, and the potentially crippling retrospective liability: PLEASE MARK YOUR DONATIONS as "GIFT".


For further information or to follow Caki's rescue work please see his Facebook Page

And to find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to


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