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Toto needs surgery for bladder stones that have become lodged in his urethra. It is very painful, his bladder is constantly full with no release. The vet bill will be upwards of $2,500.00. I am unemployed and entirely broke. Time is running out for him.

I first met Toto when he was just weeks old and his eyes hadn't even opened yet. We bonded have been close to each other ever since.

Through the breakup of my relationship to my mothers death, my job location closing and a host of other dramas and upsets. Toto has always been there to greet me when I come home, cuddle at night and see me off in the morning.

He's been my constant companion - a good-natured little friend full of affection and unconditional love. He's made me laugh in the depths of despair and always reminded me how a simple hug or pet can make the world seem a little less colder.

Last week just after his 10th birthday, he began to get sick, He lost his appetite, started to vomit, didn't want chew toys, lost control of his bladder, and hid in his crate, not even wanting to venture onto the bed to sleep beside me as he has done for years.

Despite over a year of job searching and a taking a few jobs (none of which worked out) I have been unable to find solid work and am on the verge of poverty and homelessness. A friend stepped in to pay for an exam to finding out what was wrong with Toto. We thought it wold be a quick vet visit and some antibiotics for a urinary tract infection - maybe $150 at most. As it turned out he vet visit required sedation, medication and x-rays totaling over $500. I had to use rent money to pay for it.

The news was not good - Toto has bladder stones that have moved into his urethra and are blocking his urine. His bladder is constantly full but he has no way to empty it. He is constantly dribbling urine now. he is obviously ashamed and feeling low apart from the pain from the full bladder and the blockage. If this is not taken care of soon, his bladder will rupture and he will most likely die but the surgery and aftercare will be more than $2500.00 and I have no way to get funding or credit to pay that.

My option is to give him up to the Humane Society which would break my heart (at his age they are more likely to put him to sleep than pay for his surgery and then try and find a home for him), try and keep him comfortable and watch him die here at home, or come begging for help to my friends and try and raise the monies time, So - here I am.

I know the clock is ticking. He is getting sicker every day. I am out of my mind with grief and anxiety. In addition to the $500 I need to pay back to avoid eviction, the surgery will be an estimated $2000 - so $2500 in total. Please help save my boy if you can.

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