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A film about the heroic Resistance of the Kurds to raise worldwide awareness about Kurdish persecution, the reasons behind the Islamic State's raise, and major world powers' interest in this Third World War. All net income of the movie will be donated.

About me:


I'm a half Italian poet, painter, writer, ghost writer, screen writer radical feminist and researcher.

When I went to my first conference about Rojava (Syrian autonomous Kurdistan) in Bologna 2 years ago, and met the Rojava Women Movement representative, I simply realized her appeal could not fall into the void. After 1 year working full time on documenting myself and finding suitable material for the movie, going to Syria and Lebanon, I finished writing the screenplay. The next year I spent it surviving financial crisis in Italy and working and volunteering abroad, so the project was put on hold.

Now here I am again, starting the fundraising champaign for this independent movie as full of hopes and enthusiasm as on the first day,  whilst everyone assures me I won't raise a pound.

Let's prove them wrong, hey?



Project Description (synopsis):

Through the life of 5 women who really exist/ed this movie tells the sotry of a Kurdistan that politically and legally does not exist officially, a land without borders. It tells the story of how Kurdish persecution is just a “side-effect”  within much bigger international geopolitical maneuvers, thanks to which one of the greatest genocides in human history was and still is being silenced not only by Turkish media, but by our own pro-Turkey governments as well.



Your money will go into financing the movie.

All the net income of the movie minus any left over expenses  still yet to cover will be given for Kobane's reconstruction and to the Rojava's cause.

To know more about Rojava and why it needs all our support please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdPVtkuuj2Y

If it doesn't work try this:


Kobane has been destroyed, yet it has become a worldwide symbol of Resistance and a possible realistic model of pacific cohabitation of diverse cultures and religions.

Like Kobane there are other two cantons in Rojava. There have been thousands casualties in Rojava that people no longer know where to put the corpses. They are locked up behind the border by Turkey, who has been repeatedly accused of arming Daesh (ISIS) and of allowing it in. People who try to escape the war have been reported to have been arrested and tortured instead, even wounded children and teenagers. Diseases are spreading. There are no hospitals.

What is most tragic is that thousands of women and children have being kidnapped, sold, gang raped and brutalized, made sexual slaves of Daesh (ISIS) militants and their alleys.


People need access to water, food and medicines. They need to rebuild their lives but they still have to fight Daesh (ISIS) in their own homes.

When I met the co-president of Cizre she said during the Kobane resistance they slept something like half an hour a night or less, always holding their rifles. This is unbearable even to think about how these bodies are tried by the struggle.

I was shaken when she refused my present. She had given me her silver butterfly necklace as a gift, and I also wanted her to have my gift.

She said "You keep it. You put it in your room. I don't have a room where to put it".




£ 300.000 is a relatively low budget for a war movie involving travelling to various countries, prison and war scenes. 

Wenwish to do it as an independent movie in order to be able to donate the full profits of the movie to Rojava and not to incur in any censorship, as we'd probably do if we found a producer, who undoubtedly would require to keep the profits for themselves.


We will work transparently so that donors will be given evidence the income of the movie will actually go to Rojava and may enquire about the film progress any time. You will be able to check on this website when the budget goal has been reached.

We will keep our promises.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please state "Rojava film donation" when making the donation, for transparency and taxes purposes.

Thank you







Short description


We can't bring back the precious lives of those who have gone, but we can help the precious lives of those who have survived. Precious like yours. Please help



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