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Let's Build a Road to Sustainable Tourism!
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To pave a small stretch of road connecting the Cambodian War Remnants Museum and three neighboring communities to the main tourism artery of Siem Reap.

Amazing friends and family! 

Over the last year of travel we've been on the lookout for a worthy cause to commit our time and energy to, and we've finally found that in the Cambodian War Remnants Museum.

The museum is run by veterans and land mine survivors, truly kind warm people. Their vision is to create a sustainable tourism industry to benefit the local villages. The first step is to build a paved, accessible road to the museum. The current route is a dirt road inaccessible to tour buses.

We invite you to be part of their vision by helping to build this road. It will connect the museum and 3 local developing villages to the main tourism artery of Siem Reap creating a ripple effect of empowerment through economic development.

We only need to raise $1275 in 1 week. That's roughly $5 per meter!  So let's build a road together! Please give generously and thank you so much for your help!  

We love and miss you all so much and look forward to seeing you in November!

Alyssa & Daniel


  • Our goal is to build 360m of road, 10c deep, grated & compacted for all weather use
  •  Construction on the road can start as soon as our goal is attained! (We hope to be here to see it begin!)
  • All additional proceeds will go directly to improving the museum and community development programs

Your money will go the distance..

  • $5 = ~1m
  • $10 = ~2m
  • $20 = ~4m
  • $50 = ~10m
  • $100 = ~20m

Immediate outcomes

  • To increase the number of museum visitors by increasing bus/car accessibility 
  • To spread awareness of Cambodian peace & reconciliation 
  • To increase access to education through current community programs in art, music & english, held at the museum 

Longterm Outcomes and Visions

  • To increase economic opportunities for disabled peoples with job creation and a vocational training center at the museum
    • The vocational training center will teach locals how to farm more profitable crops
    • 2 Cambodians with their MA in agriculture are already in line to teach! 
  • To increase healthcare access for disadvantaged villages by increasing local economic sustainability
  • To create a vocational counseling program. In order to better assist discarded veterans suffering from PTSD, the local's can attain the counseling education needed to help their neighbors. 

The Impact

The Impact of this project will run deep.

  • You’re investing in people.
  • You’re investing in a country.
  • You’re investing in a rich, unique business and cultural expression.
  • You're investing in sustainable tourism.


Cambodia, or as most locals still fondly refer to it, “Kampuchea” named after the French colonial rule, lies sandwiched between redefined borders once belonging to the Ancient Angkor Empire, now divided into Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. “As rich as a Cambodian” goes the old Chinese saying - as the region was rich in water and alluvial silt from the Mekong River and could yield up to 3 rice crops a year, with fresh fruit and fish in abundance. In the ‘60’s Cambodia was described as the “Pearl” of Asia with a modern Western rock culture and an envy of many developing South East Asian Countries. Caught up as a political pawn in the Vietnam War, Cambodia spiralled into 30 years of civil war and a genocide program under the Pol Pot regime that saw an estimated 2 million of the country’s educated people exterminated. Peace finally came in 1999 with the capitulation of the Khmer Rouge, but the country is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of an educated generation. Heavily mined by all sides of the conflict, people are still suffering today from the effects of land mines, the “perfect soldiers”. An estimated 6 million mines remain undetected. Angkor Wat was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992 and since then the tourist growth has been phenomenal. Many people come to visit the temples, but have a very vague knowledge as to the suffering that is ongoing as a result of the war. Cambodia is now one of the poorest countries in South East Asia with the vast majority of the population living on the poverty line of $2/day. Despite the hardship, Cambodians are a resilient and happy people, just getting on with life.


This interactive social enterprise is about making a difference through storytelling, building better relationships with tourists and engaging local Cambodians. This isn’t about a short-term bandaid. It’s about coming alongside a group of land mine survivors who are passionately committed to earning a living while educating others about their history. They need your help to begin this journey to meaningful, sustainable work that will impact the healing taking place in their beloved and beleaguered country. It’s about telling stories about Cambodia’s past, but even more importantly about shaping its future. The Cambodia War Remnant Museum was a former battlefield and holds a unique value for the guides and the local Cambodians living nearby. Many artifacts on display at the museum were found while constructing the site. It’s located a few kilometres from the temples of Angkor Wat and the guides want to share their story about Cambodian culture, and Cambodia's difficult and violent past with you and they want to educate a younger generation about an empowered future full of hope and opportunity. Visitors to the Museum will not only help to sustain the war veterans and land mine victims but will also help to provide basic needs such as fresh water, education and essential medical supplies to their immediate families and friends living within the grounds of the museum. A community approach.

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From Genevieve's Fair Trade Village with a personal thank you from the museum employees and us!
These products are made by local disabled people and their earnings give them a livable wage.
+ a tree and incense in your honor!
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Hand-Painted Card and Crafted Gift
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A gift from Genevieve's Fair Trade Villiage. These products are made by local disabled people and their earnings give them a livable wage.
+ a tree and incense in your honor!
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