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OBARIMA is the name of our book defining Afurakani (African~Black) Manhood. It is also the name of our training-workshop and related video-series based upon our book. We give away free copies of our book at our free workshops. The e-book is also free.


10 - Year Anniversary of Publication


OBARIMA (aw-beh'-ree-mah) is the name of our book defining Afurakani(African~Black) Manhood. It is also the name of our training-workshop and related video-series based upon our book. OBARIMA Afurakani Manhood introduces a comprehensive set of seven principal values defining what it means to be an Afurakani obarima (African man).

We have taught these principal values of OBARIMA in various settings in-person and via livestreaming and have seen the eagerness with which Afurakani (African~Black, African-American) males embrace them--especially those whom are mis-labeled 'at-risk' or 'lost' by this society.

Our method is to reach every Afurakani (African) male, young adults through adulthood, wherever we exist in country - right where we are, right now.

We give a free copy of the soft-cover version of our book to every participant of our free workshops. Moreover, the e-book version of our book is a free download from our website.

Over the past 12 months we have had over 17,000 downloads of the free e-book version of our book. We are reaching Afurakani (African) young men and adults right where we are, right now.

We also have a free video series wherein we examine the information similar to our workshop format for those who are not able to attend a workshop (see one of the 2.5 hour videos below): 

In this manner we are able to reach Afurakani (African~Black) young adults and adults all over the country and in different parts of the world - right where we are, right now - no matter what socio-economic condition they are living in, inclusive of those who are incarcerated for non-violent offenses.

Over the past ten years we have been able to realign the thoughts, intentions and actions of Afurakani young men and adults through OBARIMA, for OBARIMA is their own personal manual of manhood. One reading of this publication transforms the focus and behavior of our young and adult men forever. Many cease alcohol, marijuana, tobacco and other self-destructive practices upon their first reading of OBARIMA. They also positively transform the manner in which they interact with their family members, Afuraitkainit (African~Black) women, one another and the larger Afurakani/Afuraitkainit (African) community upon one reading of OBARIMA.

The seven principal values of manhood delineated in OBARIMA are aligned with the energy and character of the seven days of our Ancestral Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) week. It is a holistic set of principal values which governs every aspect of being and behavior - biological, emotional, mental, psychological, cultural, communal and spiritual - and provides the Afurakani man with an opportunity and a focal point to refine himself, his character, his work ethic, his relationships, his educational development, entrepreneurial spirit and more each of the seven days of the week throughout the course of his life.

The benefits of such focus for the Afurakani man himself, for the Afuraitkaitnit (African) woman, for their family and for our community as a whole are realized immediately and perpetually. The embrace of these principal values within the spirit of the person allows the Afurakani man to navigate his way through all facets of a racist society and avoid and overcome the pitfalls and traps which lead to incarceration, drug addiction, moral degeneration and death.

We have made the e-book version of OBARIMA a free download because we recognize that every Afurakani male should have this manual of manhood in his possession, irrespective of his financial position at the moment. This is also why all of our workshops and videos are free. 

Moreover, we have instituted a NOKWAREFO - Distributor option for any Afurakani male who would like to become self-employed as a distributor of our soft-cover books (we have published 30 books to date including OBARIMA). In this manner we assist our people in becoming entreprenuers immediately - no matter what their past work history is. 

We have proven over ten years that we can transform the lives of Afurakani men right where they are - right now. We do not have the luxury to wait and hope for change to materialize. Every single day is an opportunity for thousands of our Afurakani young men and adults to be realigned with Order and Balance in thought, intention and action. Those Afurakani men who have been impacted by this work also use OBARIMA - Afurakani Manhood to raise up other Afurakani young men and adults in various human services programs, educational programs, in-school programs, rites-of-passage groups, recovery groups and more across the country.

Your contribution to this campaign will allow us to expand these efforts. Any contribution amount is welcome. It will allow us to expand our offering of workshops and our ability to give away thousands of free copies of the soft-cover versions of OBARIMA Afurakani Manhood to Afurakani young men and adults in cities around the country. For, while the e-book version is already a free download, we recognize that having a soft-cover version of their own personal manual of manhood in their possession is indispensable.

Your contribution will also allow us to expand our NOKWAREFO - Distributor/Enterprenuership program. Many Afurakani men would like to begin working as distributors immediately, but do not have the funds to make their first wholesale purchase of a set of books upfront. The funds we raise via this campaign allows us to provide those soft-cover books to new distributors upfront on consignment. When sell their first set of books and generate revenue, they then compensate us and continue their entrepreneurial endeavor as a distributor. We are able to print more books (we print on our own printers in-house and in-color) and they are able to continue to purchase from us wholesale and sell the books retail wherever they are in the country.

Additionally, any contribution of $15 or more will give you the option of receiving one or more of our 30 books in return for your donation. In this manner you receive an immediate benefit for your contribution as well as the ultimate benefit of assisting in the transformation of Afurakani young men and adults for the good of our community.

See our NHOMA - Publications page for OBARIMA and our other 29 books:


Visit our OBARIMA - Afurakani Manhood page:


Yeda ase (We thank you) for your contribution to this effort. Please share and contact us if you have any questions..

Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan
Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 
Akwamu Nation in North America

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