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Help Get An Important Message Out

To Spiritual Seekers Like You

This is a wonderful universe,
set up so that we humans could evolve to understand it.
We now have a very special place within it!

About 4% of all humans now living would like to live more Love-focused lives, but 85% of humans don’t even believe that there is any Truth in the universe. In addition, there are 11% who are trying to evolve through the several hope-producing stages of at least living in evolving Logic. None of these are helpful in having us leave the existential Fear of the rest of humanity behind. For you to live in Love requires that you relinquish a Fear-base and start to fully live with a Love-focus. The ways of perceiving our universe, as well as our place within it, are very different once you step into that process of focusing upon Love.

I have spent just under two decades learning about all of the above and writing a string of books as I learned each further step along my journey. Once a teacher has learned a new thing, those who follow that leader find it both easier to learn, and can do the learning more quickly than the teacher/leader did. Although there is more I would like to learn, I believe that it is now time for me to put most of my efforts into bring what I have learned to the attention of those like you who are discovering that you really do want to live a more Love-focused life.

Have you been effectively told that you are Destined to become Love Incarnate, a living example of Love? That is a Truth of humans and this universe. Have you been told that this universe is uniquely set up to have species such as humans evolve; then start to investigate their possible Destinies? Most likely not!

It is much more likely that you have been told (by those who do not understand how little that they know) that this is a random universe and that you are just an accidental, purposeless outcome of it. Reality could not be further from that badly-formed viewpoint. Ongoing Science at several levels, and Philosophy as well, indicate that we humans are here on purpose and that we are very special indeed, as is this universe of ours! Because of the volumes of nonsense out there, many will find it both easier and more efficient to learn from what I have written, and even from other things that I am already drafting, rather than trying to go it alone.

What I need, in the short-term, is to assemble enough funding to engage others (where I am inefficient or as yet untrained), and provide a comfortable environment for my learning and developing how to do better marketing. That is what this FundRazr project is all about.

When my books are much better known, and I am out and about talking about them, or teaching their essential messages, I am sure that you will be very proud to have helped this great and hopeful message become better known. I will certainly be very thankful for your help in making it available to those who want it!

My evolving website is and my Amazon author page is so please visit them to learn more about me and my many books.

If you buy any of them, be sure to leave a review that helps other seekers who are looking for resources that they could use during their own personal journey towards the joint Destiny of humanity becoming flagrant examples of living Love. When you Love yourself well-enough, you will surely want to be flagrant about it!

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