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Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor
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Hello to all the familiar faces looking at our page, and a very extra hello to all the friends we haven't met yet. 

We are Don't Look Down Theatre Company, but our friends can call us Don't Look Down. Formerly known as James MartEntz Theatre Company, we were founded in the Fall of 2015 by Fanshawe College’s Theatre Arts graduates, Cedric Martin, Daniel Entz, and Ryan James.

Don't Look Down is a Toronto-based theatre company committed to bringing important issues, stories and characters to the stage. The company's debut production, Rose of Youth, premiered at the Montreal Fringe in 2016. Rose of Youth was originally workshopped at Frolick Theatre (Toronto) in May of 2016. Since then the company has created 2 original productions. Local Man Ruins Everything, performed at the London Fringe this past June, and Not Good, which was performed at the Toronto Fringe this summer. 

Don't Look Down is very excited to be venturing into new waters. For the first time in the history of the company we will be producing a show we did not write! A funny, satirical story, Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor, is about Frank and Bill, two egotistical men locked in a ruthless competition of one-upmanship for seemingly no reason.

This funding project would greatly contribute to our production of Never Swim Alone. Currently all involved in the production have been working tirelessly on several jobs to fund our projects, while also leaving very little room in the budget for essentials outside of the artistic creation, such as marketing, research, securing the proper set, costumes, and props needed to really bring this piece to life. Some of the toughest struggles we have had as a company have been finances. We put our heart and soul into these projects, quitting jobs to make these shows, going months without a guaranteed income, and have come close to not being able to cover our rent. We believe in our productions and will do whatever we must to meet our goals. The success of this project would allow outside stresses to be lessened, such as rent, studio space costs, theatre rental, equipment rental, marketing, and paying those who work hard for our company. 

We firmly believe in doing everything we can to create pieces that matter, involving the right people, and right equipment, and doing it well the first time. 

This funding project would not only impact the artists and creative team behind the play, but also the communities and audiences that would see this piece in particular. Giving opportunities for discussion about life and the pursuit of happiness.

Here is where you can help, and we need it. We need friends to help us. Friends to help us make this project fantastic by contributing to our campaign, because friends help friends.

Oh and we don't forget about our friends, with opportunities to get tickets before they even go on sale, discount tickets, and running ads in our programme!

Thank you for your time, and we would love to see you at our show. Thanks for supporting the arts!


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