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January 31, 2020   UPDATE:    (Please email me directly with your personal stories and messages and let me know if I may post them here.

Dear Friends,
I first want to thank each and every one of you who have donated here, who have shared your stories, who have offered your prayers and support. Thank you for believing my son. Thank you for giving of yourselves to Believe The Child Campaign to protect children victimized by child sexual abuse, starting with my own son.
When I started this campaign three months ago, I was at the end of my resources and almost at the end of my faith. Every penny I had went to pay for my own son's treatment and to keep a roof over our heads. I asked for help to pay for the legal costs and fees in protecting my son from sexual abuse. Your gifts paid for my son's court ordered attorney and helped to reimburse my own attorney for the many costs fronted by the firm for services that protected my son in the face of constant litigation by his father. Your gifts helped me over a short but very difficult period of time. 
My son's abuser-father has now been arrested and is in custody. A criminal prosecution is underway and I have full faith and confidence in the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office in Louisiana. I believe that they will ensure justice for my son. There are protective orders in place protecting my son and protecting me. I feel we are safe now. It is time for me to go back to work, and I am ready.
I have faith again. I have faith that my son will get better. I have faith that justice will be served. I have faith in each of you. I have faith that going public in my time of need will lead to helping others. To that end, and as I promised, I have asked my Los Angeles attorney to convert the Believe the Child Campaign to a nonprofit organization for the purpose of raising awareness and educating the public and professionals about the issue of parental child sexual abuse, and providing legal and expert services to non-offending parents of children in my son's situation. I will continue to post Believe the Child Campaign messages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Starting today, all contributions to the Believe The Child Campaign will be used as seed money to cover the costs of converting this campaign to a non-profit organization. Once we have non-profit status, we will be able to accept tax deductible donations so that we can provide services to victims and their non-offending parents. As soon as our non-profit is up and running, I will post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram a link where tax deductible contributions can be made, and we will make change together. We will help other children to be believed.  #BelieveTheChild
Love, Zoe         
Please email me directly with your personal stories and messages and let me know if I may post them here.


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