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We are advocates for and friends of Leslie Orr. We are looking for answers and need your help. Leslie’s daughter, Vail, ran away from her father’s house on July 28th, 2017. Vail had reported abuse by her father to the father’s-chosen, court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem as well as many King County Police officers. Leslie had also reported abuse by Jeff McCann and had $25,000 in assault-related medical bills to back it up, but nobody protected them. Vail is just one month shy of 15-years-old at the time of this publishing. More at www.facebook.com/avoiceforvail.

Over the course of the divorce battle, Leslie was forced to represent herself and/or had a Hodge-podge of representation due to her inability to pay anyone to stay on the case very long. There isn’t a single lawyer who has read the pleadings from start to finish. There isn’t a single lawyer who has looked into why the prosecutor’s office and/or CPS didn’t properly investigate and charge Jeffery McCann with assault. We need some answers and in order to get them, we need to pay someone to read every single document in the McCann case as well as do some serious investigating.

These are the answers we are seeking:

  • Why did CPS close the case right after Leslie told them about Jeff’s abuse without doing a single minute of investigating?
  • Was there a conflict of interest with the CPS office where Jeff was in constant communication with his friend whose wife worked there?
  • Why did the King County prosecutor’s office tell Leslie that they closed her case and didn’t charge Jeff because they couldn’t get in touch with her, when Leslie has evidence that she was in constant communication with them?
  • Were there conflicts of interest in King County Courts where Jeff McCann’s dad, Jack McCann’s, best friend worked for 30+ years and Jeff McCann’s family members worked?
  • Why wasn’t Leslie informed that Jeff McCann’s family members worked directly with Kathleen Kennelly – the Domestic Violence Evaluator assigned to the McCann Custody Case? Was there fraud involved by allowing this conflict of interest to occur?
  • Why wasn’t Leslie informed of Jeff McCann’s law firm’s history with Kathleen Kennelly – including their involvement in Kathleen Kennelly’s own divorce case in 1990?
  • There are hundreds of discrepancies and provable lies in Jeff McCann’s testimony. We need a lawyer to put them all together in one document and present them to an unbiased judge.
  • We need an attorney to go over every document and transcript and advise us on professional codes of conduct violations and possible grounds for bar complaints against Jeff McCann’s attorney for things like Trust Fund misuse, misrepresentations to the judge, acts of legal misconduct under color of the law, and violations of Leslie’s right to privacy. We need the same advice for the Guardian Ad Litem, who has done horrendous acts against the child and the mother in this case – including colluding with health care providers, Jeff McCann and Jeff McCann’s attorney to violate the mother’s legal right to Vail’s medical records in order to protect their illegal acts against the child.
  • We need an attorney to help us determine all the ways in which Leslie and Vail’s constitutional rights were violated.
  • We need an attorney to help us determine all the judicial codes of misconduct that were committed in this case.
  • We need an attorney to list all the ways in which the judge, the father and the Guardian Ad Litem ordered and recommended things that are against the child’s Federally protected rights as a disabled person. The Guardian Ad Litem, judge and father put Vail McCann through absolute hell. They recommended and ordered experimental treatments, a school change without any transition or accommodation plan, and fired every single one of her lifelong caretakers: doctors and psychologist – forcing her to see all new providers without any notice, warning or transition plan. They, despite their own admittance that she needed accommodations, forced her into repeated testing without any of the accommodations they themselves claimed she needed.
  • Why did judge Chad Allred put weight on the testimony of the father’s-chosen witness over real experts in each of the fields?
  • Why did the father’s-chosen parenting evaluator, Gary Wieder, testify in areas where he has no expertise? He is not a medical doctor yet made medical recommendations for the child. He is not an expert in the field of education yet made recommendations on education. He is not an expert on disability rights – and yet made recommendations for a child he knew had a documented disability.
  • Why was an illegal search warrant upheld by the appeal’s court of Washington?
  • Why did the appeals court allow the judge to play doctor from the stand - dismissing an actual expert's diagnosis of PTSD for the mom and replacing it with his own observations/opinion?
  • We want to know if Jeff McCann’s attorney who is on the Board of Trustees for the King County Bar Association and has been on the Judicial Review Committee was involved in the judicial appointment of judge Chad Allred?
  • Are there grounds for Libel actions against any of the bad actors in this case?

This case is the epitome of a massive system failure. There are cases like this nationwide, but the victim-parent and child(ren) are rarely properly represented. In this case, the father has spent at least a million dollars to keep Leslie or Vail from being able to have a voice or proper representation. All experts were chosen by the father.  It’s time for someone to do a thorough review and investigation of this case and advise us on steps Leslie can take to document the actions of the bad actors in this case.


Please help us look into and hold accountable all the people who have contributed to this horrific injustice. This is not just about Vail and Leslie, but about all the future children and parents who will also be served or damaged by the actions of these professionals.


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