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Support and encourage the creation of a metal workshop for disadvantaged teenagers from Baan Unrak Children's home in Sangkhlaburi Thailand, to help them improve their lives and future!

For several years now, I have spent a few months each year in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand, a small town on a beautiful lake near the border with Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. This crossroads town became a refuge for many displaced children and families from various ethnic groups who had to flee ethnic civil wars and discrimination in Burma, but were never truly welcome in Thailand either. Stuck between a country from which they are fleeing oppression, violence and extreme poverty and another, where they are barely tolerated, the precariousness of their situation exposes them to all sorts of exploitation, including human traffic. They have few rights and live in a permanent insecurity. It goes without saying that it is difficult for these vulnerable people to envisage any future when the present is already so worrying. After much time as a volunteer at Baan Unrak Children’s Home, , one of Sangkhlaburi's major charities that cares for displaced children and single mothers, and spending a lot of time with the children, my attention was drawn by the older children who were no longer in school, but neither in any professional training,because of lack of money, identity papers, or other limitations, and seemed to have nothing to do, so no possibility to picture a future for themselves. As a decorative painter, welder, and designer of metal light fixtures, I thought it would be interesting and usefull to transmit my skills to this group of slightly older children,to teach them to weld and to work the metal, and thus to be empowered by the knowledge that there was a new productive action they could take in their lives over the longer term, something concrete they could do. And so I decided to create a workshop. I thought new technical and artistic abilities will allow them to create sculptures, lamps, furnitures, or other items popular here, like side cars for exemple and to become self-employed craftmen, and/or to create a common atelier. I believe in the virtues of work, that one can choose, if one has such a chance, not the forced underpaid labor that one must accept or tolerate when there is no other choice to survive,which is unfortunately the usual situation here. The workshop is, therefore, for these young people to have access to a technical and enriching training towards more professional opportunities in a tense and hostile socio-economic context.I was able to find a small space, kindly rented for a small rent by a friend welder, we cleared the ground together as best we could.I was able to find a small space, kindly rented for a small rent by a friend welder, we cleared the ground together as best we could.It would be necessary to cast a concrete screed for the stability during the work, it is very important when welding. An extension of the roof is necessary, as well as walls on the sides, because we are exposed full sun in the morning, and wind and rain the rest of the day (rainy season approaching). This is obviously not practical, and especially dangerous, so we can not work. And also we would gain space to set up another work plan, and be able to work together, not only one by one. In addition, finding or regaining the power of learning, study, and discovering oneself is very stimulating for these young men and women. And, encouraging them to express themselves through work and artistic creation, besides having a significant cathartic effect, helps them discover their imagination, and their capacity to create and it is very rewarding. There is also a ricochet effect the process greatly improves self-confidence and, by extension, prospects for life and the future. And, a mirror effect,an example for younger children to whom the they can pass on their new knowledge, each generation in turn.The horizon arises, the possibilities emerge, the potentials are revealed, the imagination deploys. A virtuous circle is created!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Here are a few of some former creations of mine.                                                                                                    In order to learn and work properly, we need a secure and functional workshop. As well as tools, a stock of raw materials to start a production in order to market in the next high season. Here is what we need: 

                                                                                                                                           IMPROVEMENT OF THE PLACE  concrete screed 40m2                 100 euros

EXTENSION ROOF AND WALLS  corrugated sheets                        150 euros

LABOR (some people will help) :                                                        100 euros

WORKPLAN :                                                                                        100 euros

RENT FORECAST FOR 12 MONTHS : 35 euros x 12                          400 euros

MATERIAL AND TOOLS : 2 welding machines                                   300 euros

2 grinders                                                                                               100 euros

Stock raw material : metal and aluminum sheets, profiled tubes     300 euros

Stock consumables ( grinding wheels,electrodes,

antirust, paints, lacquers, brushes, electric cable,

switches, bulbs..)                                                                                   150 euros

WELDING MASKS AND GOOD GLOVES                                                50 euros

SMALL TOOLS : electric extensions, clamps,

shears, metallic brushes, riveting tool

soldering iron ...                                                                                    150 euros

STORAGE BOXES :                                                                                 100 euros

       And including around 15% platform tax an bank transactions taxes


                                   TOTAL AMOUNT : 2300 euros


   By supporting us on this project, you bet on the future, and prove that solidarity and mutual aid are not empty words, but can carry substantial meaning and change. In joining us by your interest and generosity, you will be the proponents of a constructive project but also, above all, you will show to those who are disadvantaged and left behind that there are people who, like you, have a heart and care about them, even at a distance. . Together let's create this beautiful positive energy for a brighter future! Thank you in advance and do not hesitate to write to me personally if you have any question, and to come visit us if you are ever near this pretty city of Sangkhlaburi!     




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