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Aloha and Namaste. I am appealing to you, my beloved fans and friends to help raise funding for my new album 'Servants of Love'.


This is a short update on my story. I wrote the piece below last December. Today it is March 9th (2018) and a lot has happened since then. I wanted to keep the original story as is because it has so much good info.  

I decided to change the title of my Fundrazr today to 'Help Fund my New Album' for a lot of reasons. First of all, truly, that is where all the funds raised have already gone. I am still needing more to complete the mixing, mastering and reproduction process. As you may have noted, this is kind of an 'extended' Fundrazr campaign that will end May 5th.

Another reason is, that although I have made it known that I will more often than before be performing solo and creating solo albums, the mystery of life has it that I am experiencing a reunion with Ananda and I can see that the future is not all black and white. 

I see what is actually happening is a reclaiming of my unique musical expression and another level of empowerment as an artist, whether I perform solo or not. I am very happy that this new surge of creativity and channeling is coming through! 

The first major manifestation of this will be my new album, coming soon!  Thank you for all your love and support on my journey as an artist and healer. 


- December 2017 -

Dear Friends,
Many of you have known me for a long time. I began this music career officially in 1997, when I co-founded the band Lost at Last with Om and Priyo on Maui.   One thing I have learned on this journey as a musician, is that I am utterly dependent upon my fans and friends for encouragement, support and inspiration. It is you that enables me to continue creating and getting my music out to the world. I just want to express how grateful I am to all of you who have been there for me, whether I know you personally or not. Thank you for buying my albums, liking my pages, coming to my concerts, and telling your friends how you may have been touched by my music. It means everything to me, truly.

Back to my story... Lost at Last lasted 7 years, as we 'dis-banded" in 2004.  During that 7 years, however I managed to create 4 solo mantra albums under my spiritual name, "Jaya Lakshmi". I am so stoked I did that! One reason being, I knew it was some insurance that if the band ever 'broke up', people would know me by name as a solo artist.
From 2004 to 2010 I was quite focused on being a householder, supporting my family with a full time job at Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss. Along with some local gigs and summer festivals, I also managed to drive to the Bay area on occasional weekends to do a few concerts. I met Ananda in 2010 and we joined forces musically, and in every which way. I surrendered my 'solo' career to being a fabulous duo with my beloved. My 2nd daughter graduated high school in 2012 and was soon off to college. I then began the life of a touring musician.
Ananda and I have been touring since then and have created 11 albums together. It slowed down a little this past year when we decided to separate our personal lives, but we still continued to play together and keep a pretty full schedule.
So here it is, January 2018, just over 7 years after we got together. (keeping in line with the 7 year cycle!) After much ambivalence this past year, it has become clear that it is time for me once again to embark on my solo career.
This is a daunting endeavor for me, as so much of my booking, management and recording projects have been handled by Ananda (thankfully) over the years. But I am wholeheartedly diving in to take on the full responsibility of self-management, as I have in the past, at least for now, as I get myself re-organized and the new foundation laid.  The music business is not very predictable or profitable, for so many. It is an especially tricky career path to choose as one's means of survival. These days it takes extreme diligence, dedication and clever strategies to figure out how to make a living as a musician in the current environment, where everyone is able to listen to and get music for free through the internet.
I am making plans, on all levels - artistically, business-wise, and personally, to enable me to be successful in the re-launching of my career. There has been so much transition in my life recently, as for so many of us, that has included big changes in my primary partnership, my place of residence, and my career.
It has been such fuel for spiritual growth!
I have reached a state of clarity finally, after my journey to India. The time has come and I am ready to do what it takes to re-build my career in a much bigger way than before. It has become so obvious that this is my true dharma, again confirmed. There is nothing else in life that calls to me more strongly than to continue to create and share the music that flows through me, and I feel a very strong creative cycle coming up for me.
I have decided to set up this Fundraizer campaign to reach my ideal goal of $15k.  

I am reaching out to you, my friends and fans, to help me with this endeavor, to lift off into a new level of creation and dedication. I have been asked by the Universe to surrender, trust, and realize that all things are possible and that abundance is ever flowing.  If you feel in your heart that you are able to and would like to support me, I would be so deeply grateful!

• Production of my next album 'Servants of Love' $15k+
'Servants of Love'  is underway. It is about 30% done. I have done the production so far, which includes arrangements, recording vocals and instruments. I will do more on my own, for sure. In addition, I plan to be working with well-known, super talented producer Ben Leinbach. I would like to keep costs down, yet I know this album has to be a top-notch, brilliant creation. It is my dream to have stellar, pristine sound and a super high-fi mix, therefore I am open to a bigger flow of abundance and the idea of getting to work with a top producer like Ben. This budget will also cover mixing, mastering, studio musicians, graphics and reproduction.  

The name of the album is 'Servants of Love' and and these are track titles on it:

1. Gayatri Mantra
2. Servants of Love
3. Klim Krishnaya (I want to Thank you)
4. Only Love (Madhana Mohan)
5. Om Namoh Bhagavate
6. I am Bountiful
7. Flood of Love
8. Truth is my Foundation
9. Jaya Radha Madhava
10. Luminous Place
11. She is Breathing
12. This is the Day


I am planning to finish 'Servants of Love' by August 2018.


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