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Return to Zion is the motto of our fundraiser, to establish a representation as an Embassy of Ephraim on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Owner of the location is Arik Pelizig, who is willing to give the existing operational commercial space of " David's Harp" between Zion's Gate and the Grave of David into trustful and worthy hands. Since the first inception of Mt. Zion in 1967, it is the vision of Arik and his fathers to transform Mt. Zion into a place of true peace between the families of Israel.   

For the operation of the commercial gathering space, we seek to raise $250.000 to prepare for the upcoming Jubilee Party 2017 - 50 years Jerusalem and Christ Ascension Day. 

2017 is a Year of Jubilee for Jerusalem

  1. 50 years Shavuot in free Jerusalem
  2. 70 years Resolution 181 of the UN
  3. 100 years of liberation of the land of Israel
  4. 110 years of a generation of Yosef
  5. 500 years reformation
  6. 2017 years from Jesus under Rome
  7. 3500 years from Torah of Mose 

Become a part of the most prophetic event in history and bring deliverance to Zion as a peacemaker and watchman.

Be one of the living stones who helps to open and operate a diplomatic and legal representation of Ephraim in Jerusalem, Israel, on Mt. Zion. 

  • Have your name written on the walls of Mt. Zion
  • Have a part of a world-wide known address written in the Bible
  • Have a representation of your Torah related questions toward Judah
  • Become a living part of the Household of Israel
  • Help to bring the Kingdom back to Israel 
  • Restore the national Identity of the lost sheep of the House of Israel
  • Be a witness from Jerusalem
  • Receive the Torah from Zion and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem

The first $250.000 will be used to pay for the expenses of the first year up to 25.5.2017 - Christ Ascension Day in the Jerusalem Jubilee Year. 

  • the full operational cost of the building (120.000 p.a.)
    • Peace of mind for Arik Pelzig, the owner, a dear friend and brother
  • living quarters in walking distance (30.000 p.a.)
    • bigger apartment in the city
    • visitor room
    • can host mininmum of 10 guests
  • Embassy Staff and travel (50.000 p.a.)
  • Legal (50.000 p.a.)


This planned Embassy is NOT a religious organization! The Ephraim Embassy is the legal representation of the firstborn of Jacob as a body of national interest for any member of the House of Israel. 

The Nation of Ephraim declared independancy 2005. Since then Ulf Diebel acts "Negotiorum Gestio Ephraim" and dedicated his business to the Ephraim National Fund.

The building of the Ephraim Embassy on Mt. Zion will serve the House of Judah, the Jewish People and the State of Israel, as well as all those who have the testimony of Yeshua and keep the commandments of God (Torah).

The purpose of this Embassy will be, to bring "Ephraim" and his whole family home and legally return as Ephraim, recognized by the Nations, the Church and Israel, and to set a legal precedent case at the Israel High Court of Justice.

Isaiah 1:27 Zion will be delivered with justice, her penitent ones with righteousness.

Make your name be known on Mt. Zion.

Further projects in preperation to this event will run under our legal Accout of DreamStream LLC a representation towards the international business community. Peace in the family runs together with doing business with each other. We believe in strong covenant relationships between families, elders, and honorable men, and fathers.  

One of the core objectives of the New Jerusalem Covenant Fund is to set up a legal defense and action team, to handle the communication with the legal representation toward third parties ( Israel vs. the Nations) - this includes immunity, security clearance, safe passage and the right to a fair trial under witnesses

The New Jerusalem Covenant Fund will be overseen by trustees, who will be presented in seperate Introduction videos. The trustees are honorable men from all walks of life and have been proven good stewards of Zion. 

When you are in Jerusalem, you can talk to the bretheren mentioned in our open communication and visit the places we will speak about.

When you are in the nations, prepare the lost sheep for the Exodus and become a part of the restoration of the Kingdom back to Israel. Let your name live by writing your Name in Hebrew onto the enternal walls of the Holy City on Mt. Zion.

When the book of the final Judgement will be open, may your name be inscribed in the Book of Life as a watchman and peacemaker as well as a keeper of your brother.  


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Silver Shekel "Arc of Noah" 7.77g AG 999
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Made by one of the oldest German Silversmith, the "Arc of Noah" has become one of the wider used coins and is official payment in Armenia.

Spending at least 57.77, you will receive one silver coin to bring to Jerusalem to build up Zion.
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Your Name on Mt. Zion
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If you give $100 or more, We will write your Name in smallest Hebrew onto the walls of Mt. Zion.

With your gift, you will literally built Mt. Zion onto a praise in this earth and stand with you name an character with the peace in Zion.
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$500 USD
Your Name in Zion and close to your heart
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If You give $500 or more, we will send directly from Zion - Your name written on the walls of Zion, in Hebrew as a necklace of solid silver.

Connect Your Name with the Walls of Jerusalem and Your Heart and Mind.

We will use Judaica Webstore to make sure, you will get our gift from Zion.
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