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PLEASE HELP FRANCO, 2-yr old Bulldogger in Chile
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Franco is an almost 2-yr old Bulldogger in Santiago, Chile who was severely injured in a car accident. Franco was in a coma for a week, and is now "awake" but much of his body is paralyzed. This young family needs our prayers and support. (see details)

Many of my friends know we recently visited Santiago, Chile.  I am very fortunate to be able to take trips like this one, which was absolutely amazing. The Bulldoggers in Chile are a wonderful community and the recent tragedy of a family in the Bulldog Club of Chile really touched my heart.Franco

This little boy is Franco, who will be TWO years old on November 16, 2015. He and his parents are part of the Bulldog Club of Chile family, and one of his Bulldogs, Benji, is a grandson of my Bentley.

Franco's parents with Benji.

Franco is the son of Deyanira Soto and Javier Zentino Provoste, and was severely injured in a serious car accident on September 13th.  

Franco & his mom & dad

Along with Franco in the car accident were his mother and his grandmother. While his mother was not hurt physically, his grandmother fractured her wrist and tibia. Franco got the worst of it when he went through the windshield.  Thank god he was wrapped in a blanket which shielded him from even worse injury and ultimately saved his life.

His head, ribs and chest were injured in the accident. At first, due to the severe internal bleeding on his brain, the doctors thought they would have to open his skull to avoid pressure, but it wasn’t necessary because the bleeding in his head stopped, thank God.

Franco’s ribs and chest would heal, but the main worry continued to be his head. This sweet child was in an induced coma until September 18th, when he was still critical but had become stable. Unfortunately, when they brought him out of the coma, Franco’s lungs did not start to work, so he is again on a respirator to breathe.  

Franco opened his eyes, but seemingly without recognizing anyone.  He didn’t move, cry, or control his bowels. On September 30th, this sweet little baby started to move his eyes and you can tell he now sees – his eyes follow his mother’s every movement.

He still does not cry or move anything except his eyes and his arms.  He cannot breathe on his own and has been diagnosed with a severe spinal injury.

Franco has never had it easy, but his life was and continues to be filled with love from his family. He was born prematurely and spent many days in an incubator, but that is nothing compared to the tragedy he and his family are undergoing now.

TODAY (October 8, 2015) Franco’s family was given more sad news. They already knew he had a diffuse axonal injury(a brain injury in which damage in the form of extensive lesions in white matter occurs over a widespread area. DAI is one of the most common and devastating types of traumatic brain injury, and is a major cause of unconsciousness and persistent vegetative state after head trauma.)

Now, the doctors have confirmed that Franco has a spinal cord injury at his neck, which significantly complicates the issues.  Very soon, Franco will have a tracheostomy to breathe and a gastrostomy for a feeding tube. After this process, his doctors hope he will be able to breathe independently from the respirator and can be transferred to a hospital with specialty neurological rehabilitation.

Franco with his father, JavierFranco's father can't be by his side in the hospital because he has to work so the family can live. The medical expenses are crushing and in order for Franco to get the treatment he needs to recover, many more medical expenses will be incurred.

We don’t exactly know how much money his family will need to get Franco the treatment he will need. He spent the first week in critical care, and since then he has been in intensive care. Each day in the hospital is very expensive, plus medicine, exams, etc. After all this he will (hopefully) need a wheelchair, a special adjustable mattress, and rehabilitation.

Franco smiling

PLEASE consider donating even the smallest amount to help these parents help their child.  I was so touched by their love for one another - it is just the three of them and this tragedy is heartbreaking. I can't imagine the pain of the parents - wanting to give Franco the best care imaginable to give him the CHANCE to speak, to walk, even to breathe on his own...but able only to do the basics...

If we rally together with prayer and donations, I am sure we can make a huge difference for this child.  #todosconFranco   

Every day at 20:00, please pray for Franco.

Thank you!  

Kara Gordon

Bentley doing his part to get Franco's cause known...

Franco standing...

I'm pasting the copy of a post by Franco's mother today.  She wrote it in spanish and it's translated here but it's not perfect.

"Me pregunto cómo de un día para otro puede cambiar tan abruptamente la vida. Como los sueños que tenía se ven derrumbados pero suplantados por otros, lejos de los anhelos materiales. El dinero hace muchas cosas pero ni con todo el dinero del mundo podría volver a recuperar lo que ya perdí. Se que nadie murió, que gracias a Dios estamos aún todos aquí, pero la sensación de duelo no puedo quitarmela de encima, el recuerdo de mi hijo jugando, pidiendome los brazos para que bailaramos juntos o que pasara sus manitos por mi cara para que lo besara de la punta de sus deditos recorriendo su antebrazo, dormir respirando su aire, su aroma, su risa, su amor por jugar a la pelota, la conexión que tenia con los animales, sus besos de agradecimiento, su tan desarrollada moticidad fina y su limitado lenguaje... no se como explicar lo que se siente, lo único que se que es lo más fuerte que me ha tocado vivir, es un dolor desgarrador... Tengo rabia, pena, dolor. El único consuelo es la esperanza de que en un futpuro podamos estar juntos denuevo, riéndonos y disfrutando de lo natural y de las banalidades que nadie ve cuando no se tienen problemas reales. 

Hijo no importa el tiempo que me tarde, pero voy a dar todo de mi para que vuelvas a casa a que disfrutes de todo lo que te gustaba. Se que esto tomará mucho tiempo, pero prometo no decaer, voy a estar junto a ti todo lo que me resta de vida.

Hoy nos dijeron que Franco además de su daño axonal difuso, tiene una lesión medular a la altura del cuello, que viene a complicar todo el panorama. Muy prontamente se le realizará una traqueostomia para respirar y una gastrostomia para poder alimentarse. Luego de este proceso y cuando alcance la estabilidad e independencia del ventilador mecánico, será trasladado a algún hospital con especialidad de rehabilitación neurológica.

Gracias a todos los que han estado en todo momento y disculpen si no contestamos llamadas, pero de vez en cuando solo queremos descansar....

I wonder how from one day to another can change so abruptly life. Like the dreams I had are crumbling but supplanted by others, far from the yearnings materials. The money makes it a lot of things, but not with all the money in the world could return to take back what I've already lost. Is that no one died, we thank god we're all still here, but the feeling of grief I can't take it off of me, the memory of my son playing, asking the arms so that we just danced together or to spend their little hands on my face for it Kissed the tip of your fingers coursing through his forearm, sleeping breathing his air, its aroma, her laugh, her love for playing the ball, the connection I had with animals, their kisses of gratitude, your so developed moticidad fine and his Limited language... I don't know how to explain what it feels like, the only thing is that it is the strongest that has touched me live, it's a pain that is heartbreaking... I have anger, sorrow, pain. The only consolation is the hope that in a futpuro can be together again, laughing and enjoying the natural and the platitudes that nobody sees you when you don't have real problems. Son, no matter the time that I'm late, but I'm going to give all of me to come home to you to enjoy everything that you liked. I know that this will take a long time, but I promise I won't fall, I'll be with you all that remains of my life.

Today we were told that Franco in addition to its diffuse axonal injury, he has a spinal cord injury to the height of the neck, which comes to complicate the whole picture. Very soon he will make a traqueostomia to breathe and a gastrostomia in order to be able to feed. After this process and when it reaches the stability and independence of the fan mechanic, will be transferred to a hospital with specialty neurological rehabilitation.

Thanks to all those who have been at all times and I'm sorry if we don't answer calls, but once in a while we just want to rest...."

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