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CHIEF HANOCK AND TAMMY JENKINS PO Box 91 Chiromo, Bangula, Malawi Africa Phone# 011 265 99 364-4629 Email hanockchief@yahoo.com We are Chief Hanock and Tammy Jenkins, founders of Heaven House Ministries. We are ordinary people with a strong desire to provide extraordinary love, hope and vision to orphaned boys and girls in Bangula, Malawi. We call them our starfish. You know the one you can make a difference for. We want to be part of the solution, no matter how small. We want to help these children and give them a safe secure home in a place that truly cares. Our desire is to preach Jesus, not with words only but with our lives as we demonstrate a love for God by meeting these precious orphaned children’s needs. Our aim is simple and straight from the heart. • To give these orphans a home setting in the village, not an institutionalized orphanage. • To create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for the children. • To give them a healthy diet, an excellent education and any medical care they need. • To release them back into the community as healthy, educated and well-adjusted adults so they can play their part in the future of Malawi. In doing so, they will develop a value system that works towards prevention of AIDS and sustainable development of their country. These children will grow up to be the future generation and leaders of Malawi. They will have the attitude to make their nation self-sufficient and hence make a positive contribution to the world. Please help us by making a donation today. We are also praying for church sponsors and monthly sponsors so we can plan to care for more orphans as we find the support to take care of them. Currently we have7 orphan boys; 4 live with us in one house and 3 have been placed back into the village with relatives. This cost more because now we care for the whole family not just one orphan. We are still in need of getting a water tap for safe drinking water, electricity, mattresses, clothes and such for the ones we care for now. We see all the time where orphanages keep taking children and they are not able to meet their needs. We have prayed that God if you want us to take more provide the means to take care of the ones we have. This is a tough prayer due to Tammy’s heart. She is always open to taking more children and cries when she knows she cannot. It will only be possible if people believe in us and what we are doing here. We need so much right now. We have a donation site on face book @ Heaven House Ministries, Tammy Jenkins. May God bless those that give and also bless those who want to give and cannot. We love you for considering us. Tammy’s Star Fish I first came to Malawi in 2009. I stayed at an orphanage in Bangula Malawi. They were housing over 150 children. Babies were dying in my arms because they were not feeding them right or getting them to the hospital soon enough to treat malaria. I have come back to Malawi in order to save some starfish! Within three days of arriving here in 2011, God would deliver into my arms my first baby boy. His name is Esau. I meet him in 2009. He was 1 and 1/2 years old. He could not walk or talk because he had no strength. His mother had died when he was 6 months old. He was fighting for his life with what little life his body had. I knew he too would die unless I did something on my own. I would start sneaking him into my hut and feeding him peanut butter. Yes, I had to sneak to do this. Within three days he was walking, on the fourth day I finally received his smile and on the fifth day God would put that boy into my heart forever. I had taking him into my hut and we were listening to Michael Smith’s CD. I was praising God when my little Esau got up off the floor and started to bob up and down and stomping his little bare foot. It was like that Steve Martin movie, The Jerk, I think, where he’s at home with his black family and all off a sudden he starts to dance and shout; I have rhythm! Esau looked just like him in that scene, no rhythm, but on his little face was this joy that beamed; look at me! Look at me! As his little diaper butt tried to hold a beat as he danced before the Lord. I cried and I laughed at such a precious site I was witnessing; Esau’s first dance. For the next 4 months he would not let me out of his sight. I would tell him before I left, that someday soon I will be back for you and I will take you out of this prison of death you are in, I promise you Esau. Before I left though, I showed the older children how to write a petition for change. It was hand delivered to seven Government officials so that not one of them could be bought off. Corruption is a big thing here. One month after returning home I was told that the government had indeed come to the orphanage and they ordered that 23 of the youngest babies be moved from that place. They were then moved to the orphanage where Madonna got her little boy David from. Sadly though Esau was not taken and he


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