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Hi, I’m Claudia, Abi's mother, Abi suffers from a weird disease here in México called Axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathy Charcot Marie Tooth ( ). It's more common in Europe And The United States

Abi was born like a normal person. She used to climb a lot, to run, to jump, to swim ... until one day at the age of 5 years old I saw that she started limping and walking in 1000 different ways until she ended up walking like a duck - with both feet sticking out.

Then I started to visit a bunch of the best doctors in the country to find an answer until they told me it was a weird hereditary progressive disease with no cure. They told me that her life since that day would be limited. She would need to be cared for 24/7 as well as daily therapies that would help her to continue walking. Since that day I have been taking care of Abi 24/7.

Over time her disease has evolved, making almost all of her muscles from half thigh to the toes disappear. There is no muscles from the knees to the toes it's like the bottom part of her knees doesn't exist.

By the evolution of the disease, the doctor told me that she needs a new orthosis because of her height (1.75m) and weight (69kg) she has.

The orthosis that she have right now does not do the function it used to do.

The new orthosis we want to buy will give her more support and stability for her actual weight and height. Right now she is in bed because she fell last Monday and she broke her ankle.

The reason why was because her orthosis that she has currently does not work properly. Unfortunately a fall for her it is extremely dangerous. However for normal human beings a fall is nothing. If we break one of our bones we just rest and will get well soon. For Abi it is different. She would have to rest for 2/3 months while missing out school and possibly losing the capacity she has to walk.

I have no one to support me. This illness is not only hard work but is also time consuming. The father quit four years ago and so have all our family members. The government here do not support you with anything. It is just Abi, my son and me. Because Abi requires 24/7 care I am not able to get a job. I can’t just leave her in the house home alone. I have had to sell my car to survive some months which has affected the care and the therapies that she needs. That is why I beg you to help to buy her a new orthosis so she can continue walking, to see the possibility to have a used car so I can take her to the therapies and school, so she can continue walking some steps, so she can start so she can start high school, continue studying and continue having excellent grades and adjustments in the house (a special bathroom and a ramp). She has an intact intellectual capacity that the disease can not touch and according to medical diagnosis, it will not touch. This is why I fight, so that she can have a normal life and not be locked up at home because she can’t walk.

Please pray for Abi. Share this with all your friends and familiars so that we can get the goal and let Abi have a better life. We just want her to be able to walk like any other person. Don’t let this limit her life. We can do this!

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