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We are the Salt family in Lethbridge,Alberta,Canada. There is myself Joell,39,my husband Jason,38 and our beautiful daughters Madisen,11 and Delaney,8. Here is our story.....

We are facing evicition from our home,disconnection of electricity and gas.My husband is in between jobs and I am unable to work for health reasons. Also, our 8 yr old daughter has behaviorial & anxiety issues that require alot of parental attention when not in school.

We`ve had a pretty bad run of bad luck over the last 2 years so all avenues seemed to be exhausted including,government agencies,family and friends. We are on subsidized housing wait lists, and that can as some of you know can take a long time. We feel we have no where else to turn other then to the kindness of friends and strangers.

Our 8 year old daughter Delaney has sensory processing disorder and in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD.She can have some pretty bad panic attacks and meltdowns. These issues make for her being a very misunderstood child,but she is one the sweetest girls in the world.However I am biast :). She was molested by a 12 year old student peer in her school in another province when she was 6 years old in 2013.She faced having her statement taken by the police,denial from the accused then a trial ( one year later ) where she had to testify,made to look simple and exaggeratory by defence counsel only to be told the charges were aquitted.She is ok for the most part now but she still has nightmares and sometimes is scared to say something at school if someone hurts her or her feelings for fear of another court case.She is so strong and brave but still needs her momma at times.

Madisen is our 11 yr old,miss independent girl who does things on her terms but I would not trade that for anything in the world. She is our rock,so strong mature and fiesty.She is always there to helps us,a very protective big sister to Delaney.My husband Jason is bit of a misunderstood soul himself. He is a hard working man who has struggled to maintain sustainable employment since we lived here. Sure he has made mistakes but he is human. He has taken jobs out of desperation and who wouldn't but those don't always work out. The last job let him go only because he decided to be the squeaky wheel when it came to safety issues. He fell 4 times on ice while pushing 2000 lbs on a pallet jack..but the manager never did anything about it. He received severance but that has now run out. We are less then 2 weeks away from having to pay rent and even if he gets a job he will not be paid in time to make the rent. We know the laws that exist for tenants but even if we have till the middle of next month,where are we supposed to go with no money if there is no household income ?? We will most likely be receiving a disconnection or suspension notice from gas and electric company any day now.I cannot work at this time. I have been advised by a doctor to refrain from work  for awhile due to severe anxiety and depression,as well as physical ailments such as severe carpel tunnel syndrome,poly cystic ovary syndrome.

We are putting our pride aside and doing this for our daughters.We have been on the verge of homelessness more times then I care to share since we lived in Alberta. My husband is tirelessly and constantly looking for work,so far getting nowhere. It is not the best time to look for work. He would love to get some upgrading with his license which would get him a job but you need money for that too. It is a vicious circle. We do not know what else to do,this is our last resort to help get us through yet another rough patch. I hope I have shared enough that you can see we are not out to make money selfishly,that we are a kind,caring and decent family reaching out in our most desperate time. I know some of you have been in this position,and would not wish it upon anybody. We only wish to maintain the basics for our home ( rent,food,utilities,insurance,no fun stuff) and provide for our daughters.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. My you find it in your blessed and kind hearts to help out our little family.

Sincerely and with deepest appreciation.

Joell,Jason,Madisen and Delaney Salt 


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