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Like an international rock star, our friend Taryn’s body has taken her on a grueling tour in just 18 months of doctor’s offices, hospitals, and rehab sessions, including THREE surgeries (most recently for a partially collapsed lung).


When I visited Taryn the other day, she was her typical tenacious self: finding the funny amidst the fear, and manifesting the positive juju needed for her long road to recovery. With today's great news of a fully re-inflated lung, the road to recovery looks clearer than ever (and still oh so long).


In a moment of raw honesty, Taryn confided that last month's medical marathon resulted in $4,000 of lost wages—“actor/dancer” and “major lung surgery” don’t go together like PB&J, ya know what I’m sayin?


I can’t believe this is happening to a woman who just inspired the heck outta me with her long, disciplined road to total debt elimination.


And Taryn’s doctors and nurses are insistent: don’t worry about anything, just focus on the hard work of recovery.


Easier said than done, am I right? With the bills piling up and the gigs going down, money is a huge weight on Taryn’s heart (even when she won’t show it on her Insta).


So, that’s where you and I come in. I asked Taryn if I could start this campaign to help ease her financial burden, and empower her to truly focus on the most important thing: her healing.


Taryn was really nervous about at the idea of asking us for money, which I totally respect. And I also know that there are literally hundreds of people out there—like you and me—who want to do something to help!


So, here’s my goal: I want to raise $4,000 to cover that lost income.


I think we can all agree Taryn has been through ENOUGH for a long while to come. Your gift of any size will really help her breathe a little easier. (See what I did there?) ;) 


Toss in $5, $10, $50 or, heck, maybe you’re flush and wanna throw in $500 (and a spa day)!


Whatever the amount, THANK YOU for being one of Taryn’s Recovery Roadies during this crazy medical tour. Let’s rock!


Much love,
Christine Bateman


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