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Plz help Natalie to cover post stroke treatments!
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My mom is a mother of three children and twelve (12!!) beautiful grandchildren! But she doesn't get that chance to experience being a grandma...

It will mean the WORLD to her to finally meet them for the very first time!!! The only thing it is not possible until she undergos rehabilitation after a STROKE that hit her a few months ago..


Natalie was very "lucky" to leave the hospital on her both feet, by some sort of miracle, after several weeks!

Unfortunately, the post stroke effects such as:

  • heavy headaches (migraines),
  • high blood pressure (over 200) and
  • dizziness are persisting.
  • She is fainting often and having
  • angina attacks almost every other day.

Due to the unstable conditions of her head and blood vessels she was incapable of doing exercises of any kind, which led her to gaining unnecessary weight. And that led her to some serious problems with her back, such as:

  • Disc Hernia,
  • osteoporosis and
  • discs protrusion. To name a few.

On top of that some discs are fractured.

This gives her unbearable agonizing pain in the lower back. Fractured discs cause her an extreme pain that some sort of  "freezes" her back, which leads to numbness in her legs to an extent she cannot walk. For the last two months she had to use crutches to move around.

We were lucky to find treatments for her back condition - (to avoid surgery, which would bring her on a wheelchair eventually) and a post stroke rehabilitation program. She would have to undergo at least three sessions to correct her back condition and 9 months and plus - for post stroke rehabilitation.

For me, a mother of four,  that it is way more than what I am able to pay for the moment and that`s why I came to ask you for your help - to help us to cover these costs before it is too late! Every year, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke. Nearly six million die and another five million are left permanently disabled. Stroke is the second leading cause of disability today!These numbers are terrifying!

Up to now we've put all we had and are continuing to pay for neverending tests, examinations, scans and expensive medicine.

My mom is a hard worker and a very active person...well, used to be. But even in this condition she is taking care of her invalid child (my younger sister) who needs daily help and medical examinations...

With your help Natalie will be able to get back on her feet literally and live a more quality life!

It will mean the WORLD to her to get that chance to travel by plane (what is absolutely forbidden for her right now due to the post stroke effects) to see and spend time with her many grandchildren and actually hold in her arms her 12th (just born) grandson!

Your support will be a HUGE help in this long journey! If you think you can't do much please know - there are no 'small' contributions - ANY amounts will be GREATLY appreciated as every little bit helps!

For your convenience there are THREE ways you could help if you decide to do so:

1. If you are on a supercharged schedule, please just 'click' on that BIG ORANGE 'Contribute' button on the top right of this page - right above this story and you can make an instant donation. - Thank you SO much!

2. You could also send a desired amount by interac directly to (Canadian residents only!) - if that would be more convenient for you. - THANK you again! OR

3. You could chose to pay one of her treatments if you feel more comfortable with that. Just e-mail me at: and I will provide you with the details.                                                                

The HUGE help you could also do, which does not cost you a cent, will be sharing this page with your friends, colleagues or co-workers and asking for their support as well. This is a chance to make a real difference in her life! Or may be even SAVE it...

I want to wish you health – the best gift ever, and many blessings to you and your loved ones!

May God bless you and thank you for your generosity!



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