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Essential medicines for all in North Korea
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Help us make sure that medicines reach the North Korean households who need it the most.

We are a European managed fully certified pharmaceutical Joint Venture in North Korea with a manufacturing plant, a team of dedicated professionals and we want to do our part to make the world a better place.

During our 10 years of operations in North Korea, we helped provide affordable medicines to millions of Koreans, we manufactured high quality medicines at very lost cost for International Organizations and provided very valuable training to many pharmaceutical companies across the country. But with Your help, we can do more. Despite efforts from international organisations, a majority of Koreans in smaller towns and villages still lack access to the most basic medicines such as aspirin, parecetamol, mebendazole, metronidazole and many more.

Visit us at to find out more about who we are and what we do.

Message from Managing Director, Rémy Lardinois

Thanks to years of hard work, our company has become the only international GMP certified manufacturer in the country. Our team of trained professionals often provides assistance and advice to other local pharmaceutical companies, contributing to improving the pharmaceutical landscape of North Korea.

At present, PyongSu Pharma manufactures essential medicines for its own pharmacy chain and NGOs. The business is growing but our manufacturing capacity has yet to pass 50%. That means that 50% of the time, our GMP certified production area, our pharmacists, production specialists and quality personnel are idle. All the while, a tremendous amount of people in the remote regions of Korea, are in need of the most basic medicines.

It is this paradox that led me to the idea of raising funds to manufacture essential medicines for the people of Korea. Carefully selecting small hospitals, local clinics in villages as well as orphanages, we can help save, and change lives.

At PyongSu, we have been manufacturing essential medicines regularly for the past 10 years. Audited every year by French certifying agent Certipharm, we also send samples of our products to independent laboratories abroad upon request from our buyers. We always delivered medicines of impeccable quality and provided a service beyond reproach.


By launching this initiative, I hope to achieve the following objectives:


Helping those who need it the most

Providing the most basic medicines to those who need the most is something I feel very strongly about. Over the years, PyongSu donated products to local hospitals on several occasions but I always felt we could do more. With this initiative, I hope to help anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 Korean people have access to safe and reliable medicines manufactured by their peers. The more money is raised, the more medicines for the people.

 Promote local production

Manufacturing locally contributes to the economy. It helps a company, such as ours, PyongSu Pharma, develop its business activities in a challenging environment.

Local production is not only more cost effective, it reduces the carbon footprint of the medicines and delivery terms are more flexible. Yet, most international organizations still choose to procure half way around the world while spending tremendous amounts of money on expensive generics and freight costs.

This initiative hopes to encourage international organisations to look within their ‘operating backyard’ for procurement possibilities before choosing well-established international partners.

For more information on the medicines we manufacture, our very low prices and how many can be helped, go to and click on the "Make a Difference" page.



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A thank you lettre & postcard from North Korea
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Get a hand written postcard and thank you lettre signed and stamped by all our managers.
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PyongSu T-shirt
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Along with a hand written thank you lettre signed by all the managers involved in this project, we offer you the PyongSu T-shirt with the PyongSu logo and the words "Pyongyang - North Korea"
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A collection of stamps from North Korea
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Along with a lettre from our dedicated managers, we had a collection of unique and unaltered stamps from North Korea.
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A hand painted propaganda poster
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Contribute at this level and get a hand painted propaganda poster (30cmx40cm) from the prestigious Paek Ho Art Studio in Pyongyang, the official art gallery for all propaganda art in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Of course, we will add a thank you lettre signed and stamped by our team.
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A gift box unlike other
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Get the PyongSu T-shirt, a propaganda poster (60cmx40cm) hand painted by one of the artists of the Paek Ho Art Studio in Pyongyang as well as samples from rare local organic tea with ginseng extracts. We will add a hand written lettre signed by everyone involved in this project to thank you on behalf of those who will benefit from your incredible gesture.
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A trip to Pyongyang!!!
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That's right! We invite you to spend 3 days in Pyongyang, offering you full access to our manufacturing operations, offices and pharmacies (All foreign passport holders welcome, except South Koreans). You will dine with the managers of PyongSu, share life experiences with them, enjoy a glass of wine at the Managing Director's home, ride around the city by day and by night, and stay at the prestigious Koryo Hotel. Design your own touristic itinerary according to your areas of interests, visit the Diplomatic Village where most foreigners live and build unforgettable memories. PyongSu shall cover all your costs apart from your air fare.
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