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Every day more and more people (most often middle-aged and elderly people) go to doctors because of back pain. When the disease becomes particularly severe, these people's lives take on more gloomy colors. This is due to the fact that spinal pain affects both the physical ability to do anything and the moral and emotional state of people. Especially hard for those people whose back pain is a sudden phenomenon, not a gradual one. People whose pain is not due to degenerative changes in the trunk of the spine, but as a result of a sudden catastrophe. For example, back injuries are a frequent result of car accidents in Orlando. And because few medical centers use complementary therapies for spinal pain , the recovery of injured people is delayed for a longer period of time.

How and what can this be treated?

Both Orlando Medical Centers and the world at large have long known that one additional effective way to treat spine pain is music therapy.
The treatment for spinal pain in this case is as follows.
All of the human senses send vital signals to the brain. In this case, the information that the brain receives through the sound receptors, becomes the most important to him. It turns on the neurons and brings about a clear feeling and the expression of emotions and feelings. The human body reacts reflexively when a signal is transmitted to the brain that the auditory receptor is irritated. Reactions to music are due to the autonomic nervous system, the part of the nervous system that controls functions within the organs and is not controlled by consciousness.
Music therapy treatment occurs through the use of music as a therapeutic tool. More specifically, music therapy is a psychotherapeutic method of treatment, and its effectiveness has been proven by many scientists, doctors and psychologists around the world.

What do we offer?

Our company has been studying the issue of spine pain treatment with the help of music therapy for a long time. As a result of studying and reviewing various restoration experiences, we have come to the conclusion that music therapy should be introduced in the medical center for spine rehabilitation.
Through a form of receptive music therapy, patients at Orlando Medical Center will be able to enhance communication (by listening to music together), responsiveness and musical regulation, which reduces the neuropsychiatric stress of the individual.
In the future, we want to introduce also other existing forms of music therapy - active (composing and playing music, improvisation with the help of the voice or a musical instrument) and integrative (drawing to music, music and movement games, pantomime, creating poems and stories after listening to music, and other forms of creativity).
Thus, patients who will undergo various forms of music therapy will be able to achieve catharsis (emotional release, which can occur in the listener as a result of emotional shock and empathy) and emotional release. And this, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on the regulation of the overall emotional state, will lead to improved physical health of the person, increase the activity of his immune system and increase the endurance of the nervous system .

What do we need?

In order to create soothing music for patients at the Orlando Spine Pain Medical Center, we lack the availability of specialists whose specialty is the study of music therapy, and we lack the technical equipment to successfully implement the creation and implementation of soothing music in patient care in Orlando. In addition, the budget of the medical center is not quite capable of fully covering the salaries of the specialists who will become involved in the development of music therapy at Orlando Medical Center and who will be able to study and determine what level of spinal pain a particular piece of music treats.
We need to raise $140,000 to cover all of the costs required to create, implement and maintain soothing music for patients at Orlando Medical Centers.
We understand that 2020 has become a particularly difficult year for everyone, but we are in great need of all the financial help you can provide.
We believe that with your help we will be able to raise $140,000 and more Orlando patients will be able to have a speedy recovery with the effects of music therapy.
We are grateful for your help!


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