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 Hi my name is Adrian Rodriguez I have   Multiple Sclerosis and this is my story.

When I look back 6 years ago. My hands started to shake as I held things. I would tell myself it was nothing it was just Stress. Then I noticed my Body started getting more tremors while would lay in bed. But I didn't pay no mind to it. My tremors had moved to my entire right arm & leg, eventually my whole body. Then the really bad pain started.

 My friend took me to the hospital twice and they could find nothing wrong with me they told me it was gout.

I had to leave my job with fedex because I could no longer lift boxes that weighted over 60 pounds. So I became an Uber driver.

In December of 2016 I lost my ability to walk. Ended up in the hospital for about 28 days. Christmas 2016 and New Years I spent in the hospital bed by myself.

Doctors could not find nothing wrong with me and could not explain my weakness on my right side and my ability not to walk or write anymore. They found 4 white  Legions on the left side of my brain. But they could not explain to me why I could hardly move anymore. After 20 some odd days of testing I had to leave the hospital with no diagnosis

Not being able to take care of myself i called my parents in Florida and asked them if I could move in with them to help me.  I went straight from the hospital to the airport from New Jersey to Florida

In Florida I saw one neurologists and a neurosurgeon and they both could not help me. The neurologist just gave me pills for headaches and the neurosurgeon said I had 11 more white Legions in my brain. That I needed to see a  Neuro specialist. Which I thought he was a specialist but he was just a neurosurgeon looking to do surgery.

I was still in a world of Pain. A friend of my mom's said to go see her husband's neurologists. Made an appointment and thats where I met Doctor Stanley.

After seeing on my scans she sold me why didn't the doctors in New Jersey diagnose you with multiple sclerosis 2 years ago. She looked at all my scans and saw how I went from 4 lesions to 11 that I have now.

So i now found out after 2 years 3 Diffrent Emergency Room visits and over 23 days in the hospital and 7 doctors later I was diagnosed with MS. Which made me happy because I finally knew what was wrong with me.

 Doctor Stanley immediately send me for another Emarie a blood test and started me on a new drug to help me with my MS. I pray the infusions will work

Yes they say MS affects people differently. I talk to other MS Warriors on Instagram and Facebook and a lot of them can't walk, some can't see, some cant function at all. It affects every human different.

But I know with, my will and my determination that God has gave me given me. I will learn to live with this disease and get on with my life.

 I would like to take the time to say thank you for reading my story. Any amount you can donate will help. MS is now a part of me for the rest of my life. 

 Any donation will help. If I double my goal I will be able to help others with MS.

If App not Working this is my PayPal 


Thank you God Bless You 




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