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Saul Walugembe


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for his life.”


My name is Lawrence Gingery and I have lived and worked in Ukraine as a Christian worker with One Collective (formerly International Teams – USA) for 21 years.  ( (


I am sponsoring a fundraiser for SAUL WALUGEMBE, an orphan living in Mityana, Uganda.    


Saul is 24 years old and lives in Uganda in East Africa.  After his father died 7 years ago, he has been working on a day-to-day basis finding temporary work as he is able.  Often, he has to pray the prayer from Matthew 6:11: “Give us this day our daily bread.” 


I cannot imagine being in a situation where I didn’t know if I would have food to eat day by day.  And so, God has placed it on my heart to help Saul by creating a fundraising page for him on 


SAUL’S FARM: With earlier gifts from donors, Saul began a Passion Fruit Farm on his family land.  He has an immediate need for funds ($650.00) to build a fence to keep the neighbor’s cows out of his field so they won’t damage his plants.  13 donors at $50 or perhaps 26 donors who could give $25 each would meet this need.    


FUTURE FARM EXPANSION: Saul has a dream for future farm expansion with a layer chicken egg farm.  Before his father died, Saul helped his dad with the family egg business and Saul hopes to save money from his Passion fruit sales (and with help from donors) to start an egg business again.  Start-up will be ($1500.)


I invite you to read his fence project & chicken farm plan, references, and view his photos


And I ask you to pray for Saul and ask God to provide for his future livelihood through donations to help Saul become a self-sufficient farmer.


Please share his story on your social media and help us spread the word to help Saul realize his dreams.  Thank you!  


Lawrence Gingery,

Christian Worker with One Collective



 Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

 I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, My name is Kayima Edward from Uganda.
I am writing to recommend to you that Saul Walugembe is a good citizen of Uganda, living in Mityana district, He is a young Christian who loves God but unfortunately he lost his parents, His parents were good poultry keepers so he can inherit that work of poultry keeping.

He is looking forward to working with you and I hope he will do the best he can. Be blessed brother!
Regards, Edward Kayima




Hello Brother and Sisters,

Praise the name of the Lord!

I hope all is well with you and your families by the grace of the Lord.

I am Pastor Mulondo of Grace Ministry Church.

I received an email from one of my Church members, Saul Walugembe asking for a reference.  He is a faithful person who loves God and he is trustworthy.

He wants to open up an egg-layer chicken project and it will be really a blessing for you to stand with him in this project; brothers and sisters--it will also be a life changing blessing for Saul.

May the Almighty God bless you and use you all in Saul's life!

Yours, Pastor Mulondo




Saul Walugembe has started a passion fruit farm on his family land.  It is now the wet season (growing season) in Uganda and his plants are close to producing the first crop. 

The neighbor’s cows have wandered into Saul’s farm and are damaging some of his plants.  There is a need to fence the farm to protect the plants and fruit from the cows and other animals.


  3. GATE WILL COST $150.00


This need could be provided by 26 donors who give $25.00 or 13 donors who could give $50.00




NEED: Saul’s parents were poultry farmers before Saul was orphaned.  Saul started a fruit farm as a way to raise money so he could reopen a poultry farm producing eggs for sale.  The first phase—a passion fruit farm has begun.  Saul hopes to provide a living from this and eventually save money toward the Layer Chicken Egg Farm project. 

Donations toward the Chicken Layer Farm can help to make his future secure by giving him an income to become self-sufficient.

Layer Chicken Farm Budget:

  1. Buy 30 chicks at $2 per chick. The chicks total will cost $60.
  2. Buy 4 bags of chicken food at $65 per bag. The chicken food total will cost $260.
  3. Buy 3 basins for feeders at $25 per feeder. The feeders’ total will cost $75.
  4. Buy 5 basins for drinkers at $25 dollars per drinker. The drinkers’ total will cost $125.
  5. Buy 3 sacks of glucose at $3. The glucose total will cost 9 dollars.
  6. Buy an oven for heating the chicken house at $50.
  7. Do renovation to my existing chicken house and materials’ total will be $500.
  8. Buy one roll of netting at $84.
  9. Make a fence and materials will cost $100.
  10. Make an additional cage for the future at $100.
  11. Buy 2 sacks of vitamins at $5. The vitamins total will cost $10.
  12. Do future immunization of the chickens at $30.
  13. Utility cost for the electricity estimated at $85.

Total is $1,488

Donations of $25.00 or $50.00 or any amount are appreciated. 



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