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Hard times.. We did not "qualify" for SSI benefits
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Hi All!

Most of you know that we have had a rough year in terms of work, medical procedures, lack of work and more procedures. 

Ethan finally went in and made it out of the heel cord surgery we've been anticipating for months. 

We found out that Ethan has an incredibly high arch and Dr. Dow said there is a chance that he will need more surgery. 

Right now, Ethan is not allowed to put any weight on his feet at all, meaning, I must stay home with him 24/7 in case of fire or emergency. I have to bathe him, help him use the restroom, dress him, feed him, and administer his medication, all while still attending online courses. 

I applied for SSI for Ethan over 3 months ago. I have received no response and cannot get through to the office.

I have written to Senator Tim Scott, asking for any information that would point me in the right direction for any grants or funding that our particular situation could be eligible for. I have also written to the White House with the same questions.  The only thing I have accomplished by reaching out to local, state and fed. gov. is that now my email is bombarded with stories of why "this person" is working for the people, etc... 

No one from the government (on any level) has even acknowledged our concerns, much less responded with any sort of advice on where to look. 

I am a single mom. My son has Aspergers. My son makes straight As. I currently have a 4.0 and I am actively taking college courses. Ethan's father has never paid child support and I cannot pursue him for financial assistance since he is not a US citizen. There must be something we are eligible for??!! One would think, right? Well, I have yet to find anything.

I have always worked. I have always been Ethan's provider with the help from immediate family when really needed.

Ethan does have Medicaid and we finally received food stamps. But what of rent? Utilities? Toiletries? School supplies? Anything that we cannot eat? 

It is not anyone's responsibility, and I absolutely hate that this is the place I have to turn AGAIN since I am not eligible for help since I am physically capable of working.  

Apparently, our situation falls in some grey area and no one can really give me an answer on how I can find help.

If anyone knows of someone who can help us find these answers, Please let me know, as I am out of ideas.

Once again, We thank you and love you so much for all of your continued support and, once more, I would never ask unless absolutely urgent and necessary. 

Thank you all... again.

Please share, as the more who know, the better chance we can find some answers.


Steph and Ethan

PS. Ethan is feeling much better and is taking this all so well, considering! He is an amazing young man and I could not be prouder of him!


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