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Me and my wife taking care of stray dogs on Koh Kood island. More than 900 homeless dogs and no vet. We feed them, take care of them when they are sick, hit by car. Our dream is to have dogs shelter with vet on the island. Dogs are best man friends.



We are couple from small country in Europe - Lithuania. I am Mantas and my wife is Rasa. Already for 4 years we come to Thailand and each year we spend more and more time in paradise island Koh Kood. We stay 6 month on the island and than come back to Lithuania. We have many friends here, it's our second home. Year ago we lost our beloved family member - 10years old boxer - Aibo. He was living in Lithuania with my wife's father and suddenly Aibo stopped eating, every day became more and more weak. He was rushed to the Vet clinic where doctors fight for his life almost one week. Unfortunately Aibo vital organs were too much damaged, so with breaking hearts we agreed to put him to sleep. It was very hard time for us, we couldn't be with him, all we could was to say we love him on telephone. Month ago before Aibo died, we adopted little thai female dog. We called her - Zuika, which means "baby rabbit" in our native language. Why "baby rabbit"? Because she has very funny big ears. She is our little girl. After Aibo passed away we started to think, maybe it was God's plan: to give us Zuika before taking Aibo to heaven. After loss of Aibo we want to help more other dogs who are in need.


Everyday feeding around 50-60 stray fogs

Koh Kood is amazing place, it's so relaxed, still undiscovered but it has very big problem - dogs. There are so many dogs comparing that Koh Kood is not so big. It could be easily around 200 or more dogs.We've been always fond of animals, especially dogs and this year we started to help dogs on Koh Kood island. Sadly but non of us have any Vet knowledge so what we do is giving nutritious dog food that we buy for our money, also we try to cure dogs with skin deseases, take care of puppies, give dogs love. We want to help Koh Kood dogs, for this purpose we created "Sabai Dog Koh Kood". Word "sabai" in thai language means "happy", we want Koh Kood dogs to be happy. By creating this foundation our main aim is to involve more people who can help to help dogs. This year enormously many female dogs gave births. Almost everywhere on the road, in resorts, on the beach you can see small puppies running around. There is no Vet on the island so there is no dog population control. Can you imagine that 1 year later female puppies will give birth to other puppies. Unfortunately most thai people don't care about this problem on the island. We saw thai man having 7 dogs, with poor health, skin problems, and the dogs were tied with thin WIRE around their necks. There is new law in Thailand against animal cruelty BUT it barely works. Most dogs have terrible skin desease called "Canine Mange". It's caused by tiny mites, the skin becomes very ichy, the dog starts to scratch untill blood shows up, he looses all hair. The treatment is by giving nutritious food, to make dogs immune system stronger, to spray skin with medicine or give special medicine. All these things cost money. Some dogs have abscess on legs, neck, head. It's again because of poor food. All they got to eat is rice and some chicken. There is no vitamins or any vital minerals in their food so their immune system is very low which causes many deseases.


Now every day we spend a lot of time driving around the island, giving food to the weakest dogs, and every day we finding new dogs with very poor condition. There is our friend from Germany who helps with dogs a lot on the island. At this time we are only two people trying to help dogs. Two month ago we organised dog spaying and neutering project. Vet teachers and students came to the island for one day and sterilised 70 dogs. Now we are preparing for bigger project in 2016 March. We have aim to spay and neuter all possible Koh Kood's stray dogs in one month. We put donation boxes in restaurant and public places. Dogs not only need money for food, medicine, they need such simple things like collars, because keeping dogs tied with wire is just cruel. If you are planning to visit Koh Kood island and you would like to give away second hand collars dogs would be very happy. This year the main purpose is to raise money for dog sterilisation. As there is no Vet on the island, having enough money we invite Vet doctor to Koh Kood for week or more and during this time dogs will be sterilised and vaccinated. But alone we can not do that. We speak to thai people, try to involve them, to teach them how to properly treat the dogs, how to take care of them. When you are driving on Koh Kood you can notice how dogs are afraid of everyone, that's because they are treated badly, scared, the stones are thrown at them. Don't ignore dogs, try to pet them, the most they need is human love and care. It doesn't cost anything. 


  • Control dog population on Koh Kood
  • Find vet who would work on the island
  • Establish stray dog's shelter 
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